torsdag 3. august 2017

Off we go, over to the usual side

So, we have finished throwing that semi-long thing called an umbilical down to the seabed. Everything's been duly checked and all seem to be happy with the job done, so we found it best to get out of here soon as.
Not that it's not a nice enough place to stay, but we're not exactly here on vacation either and seem to have other business to do over at the other side of Scotland, or thereabouts. 
So off we go, heading north and a bit east for the moment. 

Nope, it's not exactly new this one either. Snapped it one day before summer kicked in a couple of years ago as I was taking the M3 camera out for a walk around the area we had the ship moored up for a week or two while trying to sort stuff out after the disaster after hitting the wave west of Shetland somewhere. This was a much brighter and better day though, and it was in Norway. I can tell, because there's trees around the place. 

It's August, as it happens, and when I get home in a few weeks from now it's already starting to get a bit darker in the evenings, even up there at my place just north of the 62nd parallel. That will usually mean I'll soon get things to do inside the house in the evenings, which in turn will lead to a few films seeing the inside of the developing tank, and hopefully a few nice prints to be printed in the darkroom. 
It's been way too long since I've been printing now, and I'm really looking forward to a session or three in there among a few enlargers, some trays and bottles of chemicals and what have we all in there. 
But first it's the films, of course. The raw material, so to say. 
I got a bunch of them ready for developing, and that number might just as well increase a bit until I'm back home again by the look of it. I don't know if I will be able to get ashore to do a lot of snapping during the rest of this working period, but I still have a few exposed films around.

Anyway, by experience I know I'm probably better off with as few plans as possible...

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  1. That is a great landscape shot!

    1. Thanks, Jim. Very much appreciated.
      And there's a tiny little "road" there for you as well... or more like a foot path, actually!

  2. It's always a great feeling when you get a load of films processed and you've plenty of negs to look through, deciding which ones to print. Then thinking about paper/developer choice. And then being pleasantly surprised by one or two when you're actually holding the prints in your hands. It's a very satisfying workflow and beats sitting at a computer any day.

    1. True words again, Michael.
      I soon need to find some time to waste some paper. I'll get a few days out on The Island soon, so I might be able to get a few done for all we know.


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