tirsdag 15. august 2017

"New" lenses on their way!

It's Tuesday. The last one on board for the next four weeks or so, hopefully...
We were supposed to start the steaming for Peterhead tomorrow morning, but now they suddenly decided to push it 24 hrs. ahead. Ah... brilliant! That means changing flights again, and going home on a friday also means I will not be home until Saturday morning. Less flights from Oslo going north in Norway on a Friday evening. I know, because I've tried doing that more than enough lately. So not exactly what I needed... but what can I do about it?
Well... nothing at all, since you ask.

Some time this spring it was, I think. We got beaches up around my place as well, as you might knew already. Not that we got a lot of them, not at all, but there's still a few facing the North Sea. This is Flø, a place I really like. Open landscapes... I love them! There's even an island out there called Runde. It's famous for all the sea birds hatching out there, and also a bit famous for it's treacherous waters and loads of ship wrecks spread around the island. Back in 1972 a couple of divers found a quite huge pile of gold dukats from a Dutch ship called "Akerendam" that went down outside the island on it's maiden voyage back in 1725. Around 57000 coins were brought up from the sea bed, and around 6500 of them were gold coins.

At least this time I'll bring stuff home. Loads of film, actually. Exposed film obviously, since bringing unexposed film back home would not be worth mentioning here on the blog. At least as long as I'm not talking about unexposed film, which I never seem to do anyway. Unexposed film is of very little interrest, to tell the truth. It's just stuff you need, like food and things like that.
Well, I bring a bunch of exposed film back home and there's hopefully something good hiding inside the frames of one or two of them rolls.
I was just checking. There's all sorts of kinds there; HP5+, FP4+, Kentmere 100, Fomapan 100, PAN 400... OK, not all sorts maybe but still quite a few. There's a couple of rolls having gone through the "new" Olympus Pen EE-3 half frame thing as well, which I really look forward to see the result of. I hope to find grain and wrongly exposed stuff in there, between other things. I guess I have a fair chance. I know I got a bunch of rolls at home as well, waiting for me. It's going to be developing bonanza, or something like that.
Don't know exactly when I'll get some scanning done though, but I'll get it done somehow. I might even get a print or five done as well with a bit of luck, so keep watching this space.

Same beach, same place. It's not a long beach at all, but it's absolutely a nice one. Nice weather this day, as you quite clearly can see. No sea weed and stuff this day, but bring on a few gales and it will be here for sure.
Both snaps done inside the Rolleiflex on some sort of film. Looks like it might have been loaded with some old stuff, to be honest...

I was looking around the web for a couple of cheap lenses for the Nikon system yesterday. Found a bunch of overpriced ones, totally out of the question they were, as there's no bank to break or anything out here at sea. But shame on the one who gives up that easily, so I switched over to a bit less usual place to look. Found the lenses I was looking for rather quickly, but there was a camera attached to both of them. Got both the lenses and their big back covers more or less for free, so it looks like I got a couple of Nikon EM bodies to give away some day. Need to have them tested, of course, but I don't think they're quite my thing to be honest. But OK... I guess I'll keep at least one of them anyway. You never know, you know...
It's the old Nikon E series of lenses we're talking about here. Small and light things they are, and not that bad really. I think I got two longish E-series' back home, the 135mm and the old 70-210 zoom, but I don't think I ever use them too much. I seem to never do any serious "tele" snapping at all. But, as any lens they might come in handy some day, but then again they will probably sit at home in a shelf or under a chair or wherever else but inside my bag should I suddenly need them. See? I know myself quite well by now I would say. 
This time I was primarily looking for the light weighted, short and tiny 50mm. Ended up with both a 50 and a 35 in the end, and some sort of Tamron half long zooming kind of thing as well by the look of the snaps inside the ad. I didn't even care to ask what it was, since it was the Nikon lenses I was after. The little lot bought for around £10 is not bad at all these days when you're looking at the asking price for certain types of glass around the interweb. I mean there were even straps on the cameras, which will cost you a lot these days after all! A very good deal I think it was indeed.
Oh well... if they work and things like that, of course.
I'll soon have it all checked and maybe even tested, so I'll let you all know how they look and feel and perform and things like that a bit later.

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  1. Sounds like you got a few bargains, Roy! The price of most Nikon lenses these days is too much, I agree, but I like the sound of the sort of money you're talking about :) :) You'd better not reveal your source, my friend, or you might have competition from Ireland next time you are looking for some kit lol.

    Great snaps and words as per usual. Keep it up.

    1. Oh... the source is not a stable one, Michael, sorry to say! It's just the norwegian competitor of the certain bay everyone talks about on the inter web nowadays. So you know the business well enough. It's just I seem to look at other parts of the place than most people do, so that might fall in a bit on the lucky side at times.
      Just picked the 35mm thing up at the mail office a couple of days ago. It looks absolutely great, and so do the old camera house EM type of thing as well. Even the light meter worked... which is good since it's a fully automatic one as you might know. Small and light weight it is... and smells like it's been hidden inside a smoking room for the last 30 years or so... I might have to spray it with something some day.
      Oh, and I've started scanning, but are going to Ona tomorrow and won't bring the scanner there. I might get a few posted though :)
      Stay sort of tuned...


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