søndag 13. august 2017

A tiny bunch of 365's

Time to post a tiny stack of four scans from the 365@50 project again. 
Nothing with any high wow factor this time either... which really indicates the level of boring life I live. We also have to keep in mind that these snaps are from early March, and the winter is still keeping a tight grip on more or less everything at that time of year. 
There's not too much snow, as you can perfectly well see, but the temperature can still get pretty low in this time of year. Not low, as in really low, as we're still located close to the coast. Still it's best to keep in mind that minus 10 degrees C at the coast of Norway can easily feel at least just as cold as minus 40 a bit inland from here. Not that this was the case any day last winter, but we have had our moments...!

From my notebook:
#064: Looking for a new place to live. This will not be the one!
#065: High Power road. Solnørdalen, a back road rarely used.
#066: Less Power road. Sø om Sula, Nøringset.
#067: The Landy, between a rock and a hard place.





4 kommentarer:

  1. These are good! Well composed with lots of great detail to study.

    1. Thank you, Jim :)
      They most of all reminds me I need to get a bit around when I get home to try capture a few of the local roads. There might be something to find, after all.

  2. Great shots Roy, always nice to see around&about. And the Landy looks right at home there...beside that serious piece of rock.

    1. Thanks, Michael :)
      I like that rock for some reason. It came rolling down the hill some time back in the days, and obviously came to rest right there. Had to try get a decent snap of it. Well... it's a bit not exactly decent, as you clearly can see.


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