tirsdag 29. august 2017

Still scanning

I'm still scanning film, and I also still got a few rolls yet to develop. I'll get there though, so just keep cool and wait for it. Not that I'm sure it's anything there to really wait for, but then again your guess is just as good as mine in that respect. 

I suddenly found myself well away inside the fences dividing a bunch of these beasts from direct contact with the tourists venturing the paths on top of The White Cliffs. By the time I discovered the fence was there for a reason it was way to late to get away from it all, and I just had to trust they were used to people and not of the wildest type of things. They were not luckily, and I even managed to get a few snaps from too close a distance even for my 35mm lens attached to the old M3 rangefinder which I carried at the time. The one without a light meter, and with no frame lines for the wider lens, you know. Ilford FP4+ by the way... dunked in Paranol S 1+25 mix. 

Here's a couple more anyway, from the last batch of rolls going through the developing tanks. This time washed in a to me new developer, the "Paranol S" from Tetenal. Just because they were out of Rodinal in my shop over in England, and also a bit out of curiosity. 
They had a lot of stuff over there in England, but I could not find any lith developer anywhere. Well, I guess I just have to wait a bit more and get it ordered to be sent by mail over here. 
Lith developer, and some bleach. I want to check that out as well on a few of my prints, and I can't find anything like that over here in Norway. Guess I have to start import and selling dark room chemicals, film and other things nice to have. On the other hand it might turn out to be a very quiet business over here. 
Would have been nice to be your own supplier though...

He, or was this a she maybe? was watching the higher grounds of the fields around The White Cliffs of Dover this day. Turned out he was not too afraid of either the rangefinder or the norwegian carrier of the old thing. Made all sorts of strange movements as well it did, the beast. I'm not too fond of this type of animal to tell the truth, but this one was a nice enough chap... or chapette(?!)

The weather have been absolutely fantastic since I returned back home from work. Nearly two weeks now, for those who count days and things like that. Very nice indeed, until about an hour ago. Now the old wind is howling around the corners again and the rain is hammering onto the roof and windows like crazy. It was great as long as it lasted though, the nice weather. Now we can't do anything but wish for a nice winter and a very happy return of the sunny days some time around May 2018, I'm afraid. 
OK, with some luck we might get a nice day or two before that, but you never know. At least we've learned by experience not to hold our breath...

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