torsdag 17. august 2017

The Things that Happens

I just learned that "Fotografiska" of Stockholm, Sweden, is going to open another one of their "museums" some time during 2018. This time in London. Nothing much wrong with that as it seems to be a company of both knowledge and nice exhibitions, but I must say I have always had a bad feeling about them calling themselves a museum. It's a privatly owned company, after all, and probably not actually a museum.
I've never payed them any visit though, as for yet anyway. It's quite far away from my parts of Norway over to Stockholm, so even though we have been talking about going there some time it has yet to happen.
If I ever go there I will probably pay the ticket to get inside and have a look anyway. People seems to like the place, after all.
Anyway, now it seems I can just as easy go to London to have a look at what they have to offer. It's a bit easier than going to Stockholm after all.
I would really like to see the snaps of Anders Petersen some day, if I could. I know there's been an exhibition in Fotografiska, Stockholm with his pictures. They may come to London some day as well for all we know.

A square from the stairs inside the old house where my local photo club having their meetings and such. It's a nice building over there, at the other side of the road. A nice place to go to see a play or whatever. It's another one of them Rolleiflex snaps by the look of it.

Oh well. Last day at work for now, it seems. It's been an interesting trip in many ways, but usually that also means a few hickups here and there. A couple of days ago we had an issue with lub oil entering a very, very hot surface... Luckily no fire, but the potential was at a scary level. Managed to stop the engine and repair the broken stuff, so no particular harm done to anyone or anything. Which is good!

Don't know when I snapped this one, to be honest... Could have been a year ago, or something like that. Another square, so I know where it comes from, but that's about it. I don't even know if it's any cool or not.

Now I just can't wait to getting home, get my films developed, take a few walks in whatever weather we get, go visiting my parents and stuff like that. It's going to be great, I'm sure.
The grandson will come for a visit to our place, and the daughter want to have a short but good lection on pinhole cameras... so I will get a few things to do, it seems. Which is good, of course.
But first we need to get ashore and away from Peterhead heading for Aberdeen and from there find our flight over the North Sea and things like that.
Looks like the ship will return over to Norway in a couple of weeks, so I might sign on somewhere closer to home the next time I go on board. We will see!

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  1. Nice shot there with the wood panelling, Roy - I like it. And thanks for the link to the Fotografiska, looks interesting all right. Can't be bad, whatever it turns out like, methinks - should be thought-provoking and all that.

    Enjoy the home time, Roy and the family.

    1. Thanks, Michael :)
      I'm at least very pleased to have posted the news even before old Micke Berg from Stockholm thought about it, as I noticed he posted the news today on his blog. Anyway... he also claims they're opening a new one in New York as well. I didn't know about that one, to tell the truth. But now we know, of course.
      Makes me wonder how we got to know stuff before the age of blogs... :))


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