søndag 22. januar 2017

Snaps from Christmas...

So, I've been doing stuff all weekend, more or less.
Working on the bathroom, a bit. Nothing much, but at least we went off to pick up the tiles and a few bits and pieces yesterday. I also did some work, but there will be more done tomorrow.
I finally had my "new" old Land Rover picked up Friday afternoon, which mean I can go around to pick up heavy things. Like a truckload of tiles, and stuff like that. It's great fun, just saying.

It was snapped on the quayside at Fitjar, this one. I guess you remember all about the place from around Christmas, as this was were the ship was tied up those days towards the end of last year. Not the most happily looking spot on earth, I know. We went for a stroll, me and the Captain. I wanted to climb the ladder to the top of that cement container thing there, but the boss told me I could not. He sounded quite certain about it as well, so I left the thought there and then. A couple of days later the thought came back, but then I had too much to do in the engine room and thereabouts, so I never got up there. Might be just as well thinking about it in retrospect. 

Today we had a few visitors coming over to the cottage. The son and the daughters, the grandson and the sister. Oh, and the son's girlfriend as well. A whole bunch they were, but everything went very well. We were outside most of the time as the weather actually was on the mild side and the wind was elsewhere for a few hours. Even the rain was staying on the other side of the fjord, most of the time. We had a few small showers coming, but nothing like the last few days. Been very wet lately, you see.
And when the bonfire had burned to the ground and all the guest gone home, we went off to the stepdaughter for some celebration for a short while. She's 20 today, and needed some cake and coffee. The wife made the cake yesterday evening, and it was delicious believe it or not.

This far, but no further. Oh, and by this day I had switched from Delta 400 over to T-Max 100. Never tried this thing before either, but it seemed to work sort of. The light was not very great these days, as we are talking about the darkest days of the year. Nikon FM2 on both snaps. 24mm lens on the last one, maybe the 50mm on the top one. 

Oh, and I have remembered to snap the daily snaps every day. I am also snapping away on a couple of other films, so we will see some other day if they come out on the nice side, or if it's just the usual rubbish.
Hope to get the chance to get some developing done some day soon, but then there's a pile of other stuff to get done as well. I got them right here, though, the exposed films ready to get wet. There's even a couple of 120 sized ones. Ilford HP5+ and everything. Let's just hope they contain something useable.

At least the snow are gone. For now, anyway.

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