lørdag 7. januar 2017

Oh, and I found this

It was on the same film as the previous posted snaps from this morning. I kind of like it as I take a closer look at the thing. I might even print it one day, onto real paper inside a dark room. The proper way, as you perfectly well know. 

Same camera, same day, same film and obviously the same camera as in the last post. Just put the old Nikon in a little bit different direction, that's all. You've looked this way before, by the way. Probably lots of times. I might have posted something similar at some point in time, but it's still not the same. The light keeps on changing, you know.

We took off again, away to the little cottage by the sea just where these snaps were snapped. We kind of like it here. Need to do some work on the bathroom back home, which makes the decision easy enough. We have to go away for some time, and that's just the way it is. 
Well, we are not complaining or anything. Just so you know. 
Don't know if we're going to get much done tomorrow though, as we have planned to take a trip to see if we can manage to get a good deal on a new (or used) car. Oh yes, I know... but sometimes you just have to do just that. I think I might like it a bit more than the wife, but I might fill in the gaps for you sometime tomorrow if everything goes kind of well. We will see.

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  1. I would say that one definitely deserves to see some light shone through it in the darkroom, sir. Great scale and depth, all those peaks and cloud and that light and what have you.

    Hope you got the deal on the new wheels!

    1. Thanks a lot, Michael. I will probably give this one a go inside the darkroom some day, if I ever get it into some kind of refurbished state...

      Ah, them wheels. Read about it inside the latest post. I might even say a few words more at some point as well, for all we know.


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