onsdag 18. januar 2017

Cats and Crows

Enough about the weather, because it's shite anyway...

It's early in the morning, and The Cat just went upstairs again. She always try to do just that, even though she knows well enough that's a no-no area to any cat. But then again she sometimes seems to forget even simple things like rank and such, which is probably a healthy sign after all. If nothing else it's at least the way The Cat works. 
Oh, and of course I just called her back down. She will rather reluctantly return down the stairs if you use the right kind of loudish voice, but that's just because she knows what happens if she keeps on going upwards. Out in the wet weather again is no option when she's just come inside, because she hates it badly.
I'm not sure exactly why, because she's always dry as the sand in Sahara when she returns back in after a trip outside, no matter how bad the weather have been. It's a good old cat-trick, I guess. Like another law of nature. 
I must say I have been wondering quite a bit about how it's even possible to keep that fur so perfectly dry despite the weather we have in these parts, but I don't think I will ever find a plausible explanation to it. 
Needless to say maybe, but I'm no big fan of cats. I like four legged animals who understand the way rank works a bit better. Still I must say I'm fascinated by these creatures, and we sort of find some kind of way living together despite these issues. I let her in from the cold, provide her with food and keeps her satisfied to some degree. In return she keeps the area clean. 
That's good enough to me. 

Crow on Crane. Don't really know if this is something that say anything at all to you, but at least there's lines in here. All sorts of them, actually. The Cat were nowhere close as this was snapped the same day as the previous posts. I might have something new to show in a day or two. Delta 400 film, still.

We are going outside the house (or cottage, to be precise) next weekend, to see a play set up by the students at a theater school in town. It's nothing we usually do, but this time it's a bit interesting to do just that. You see this year we know two of the students acting in the play, and it does not stop there. You might remember my cousin, Mette the writer and author and what is there not to say. She's been back and forth from Oslo this autumn to guide the students through the play, in addition to do quite a bit of writing of course. I hope to get the chance to go see her for lunch or dinner some day too, and also to take her home to the cottage for dinner or something. Hope to get the chance to snap her face onto some good old film, to be honest. It's been a while since someone did just that, and I think it's about time to get it done again. She used to be a good photographer and printer back in the days, and used her fathers old darkroom a lot. A bit later she started to wright for a couple of newspapers, and also did a bit of photography to go along with all them words. 
She's only doing digital these days, and nothing commercial anymore to my knowledge, but I might manage to lead her back on track when I show up with a real camera?
It's going to be great to see her again. Far too long between that happens these days.

Crow at Quay. Some light, and some shadow. Same film, same camera. Probably the same bird as well, even though it's a bit hard to tell.

Other than that there's nothing much happening over here. I'm off to get some materials for the bathroom a bit later today. Need to get the work done back home to put everything back in something like good order again. Should be easy enough, but will take a few days of work I guess. 
And I'm still waiting for my "new" car to be able to move around a bit easier. Hope to find some inspiration for a couple of good snaps somewhere, someday. 
Nothing planned, though.

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  1. Hope your learned cousin Mette is suitably inspired by what you have to say (and show), Roy. And who knows, she might just see the light and come in from the cold, dark world she is inhabiting (photographically speaking) :)

    Two great snaps, there, by the way. The birds just break up the lines perfectly and give something to think about.

    1. Thank you, mate, but I have not been able to get hold of the girl to have a chat with her as for yet. It will happen, though, because I just heard she's in town. Will try to phone her sometime today to see if there's a fair chance to meet the small woman.

      So, that's what the birds do here... breaking up the lines. I noticed that now, thank you :)
      There was something about them, but I could not exactly figure out what it was all about.


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