tirsdag 17. januar 2017

The nature of Snow

The snow Oh yes, it's on it's way returning to water or where it came from. 
That's the nature of winter over here. Full strength for a few days, then a few mild days will come in to reduce everything to water before a short cold period sets in again. A forever on-going ring of events making up the "winter" of the north-western part of Norway. 
It's all a result of the coastline, the sea, the Gulf Stream and what have we all. And we just have to live with it. Some winters tend to be different and colder, but the norm is mild weather lingering around the 0 degrees C limit, more or less. Just the way we see it these days, in other words.

Two rather similar snaps posted today. A little piece of the quay at Rubbestadneset while at yard stay not too long ago. They need to have walkways these days, because of HSEQ stuff, as usual. Good thing, actually. Enough people has been run over by forklifts and what have we, lately. And nope, I did not have much inspiration on board when these couple of snaps were shot. It might return some day, I hope. Nikon FM2, Nikkor 85mm snapped on the same Delta 400 film as the latest posts on this place. 

Today has been a day on the phone. First to the help center at our own internet provider to get help with a completely stuck or lost signal. That one was quite quickly and easily fixed, but before that one issue was really sorted out my mother in law called me. She had been away buying herself a mobile broadband kind of thing, and was wondering if I could give her a helping hand getting her brand new computerized-windows-based-pad-kind-of-thing logged on to her equally brand new internet providers glimmering white box with many lamps on the front...
Oh heck!

So off I went as soon as my wife had a stable enough line to work on, just to dig myself down into stuff I'm not too familiar with. And trouble I got. Loads of it.
After two hours on the phone talking to no less than three different guys on the helpdesk I finally managed to get a mobile signal into the afore mentioned box, and also to have it transferred further into my phone. For a start.
Yeeppie Ki Yay! 
Off then, over to the brand new Windows based thing to get that one connected to the same network, which I managed to get done quite easily as expected. And then over to test it by downloading some newspaper page just to see it worked. 
And whataya think? Nope! It only returned me to the router itself for a firmware update inside the thing, which I would have managed if it was not for the slow speed of the things happening. At 35% download I just had to leave the place before I went totally through the roof, so I think I might just as well return back in an hour or two. I don't have the patience for things like this anymore. End of story.

So that's my day. And oh, I had the daily snap snapped. Of course. you still have to wait in patience to get to see any results, as you know. Since it's a 365 project done on film, for a change.

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  1. Out here in flat, landlocked Indiana, we've barely gotten four inches of snow all season. It's strange. By now we've usually gotten one or two giant dumpings.

    1. That's strange for sure, Jim. I thought you guys were wading to your thighs in white slush by now.
      Looking at the amount of snow we get through the season I think it's a good thing most of it is melting away between the dumpings. Every now and then it just decides to stay for a long time, for some reason, and then it just gets too deep for anyone to handle at some point. Late January and no snow at all is a bit on the weird side, though, but I heard rumors telling stories of more of it to come quite soon. As usual we just have to wait and see.

  2. Oh yes, I can appreciate where you're coming from Roy. Many an hour I will never see again has been spent trying to get these computery things talking together. One day they will actually have some autonomic-like intelligence built into them and be able to sort it out themselves - you know, self-healing and all that jazz. For now, though, it requires some human intervention, usually several humans, and usually some head-scratching and stuff.

    And typically some bad language at some point, too :)

    1. Thanks for the update from the computerized world, Michael.
      The small boxes I was talking about has not come far enough in versions to be able to sort things out for themselves. I know that for a fact!!

      And this time I started the sequence of bad language quite early, so I might just as well stop "helping" people with this sort of stuff. It's probably not good for anyone if you really start thinking about it :)


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