fredag 27. januar 2017

How to make you feel like an alien

Catching a tiny glimpse of something reminding me about inspiration or something, I went off yesterday with a few cameras loaded into the back of the Landy to see if anything good could be around somewhere to be tracked down. 
I went back to the same old house I found last winter just to check if it was still kind of standing, and it was. So I snapped a few frames on some 120 size film over there just for documentation or something, but could not find the right stuff or the edge of it, if you know what I mean. 
Took off heading for the center of town to see if anything was happening in that area. Nothing much, as I expected, but driving along a couple of to me very unfamiliar streets I suddenly see this fantastic concrete wall built to keep people from falling off the street and a long way down to the area far below. At the end of this wall there was this great gable end of a big storehouse or something, also made out of very rough concrete stuff with a lot of old steel sticking out of it in a very random style and fashion. In addition to it all the sun was shining onto all of it from an angle giving me a lot of nice shadows. 
Hey, what more can you ask for really? 

Things likely to be found around a sand blasting company in the middle of nowhere at Fitjar. No one around to disturb me while snapping the things up either, which is a good thing after all. Done on the Kodak T-Max 100 film I had loaded inside the Nikon FM2 this day. Looks like something I might have used the old 24mm lens for. 

So I hit what's left of the brakes on the old thing and put it to rest in some weird way along the afore mentioned wall, went into the back and picked out one of the Mamiya cameras and tried to find the best angle to snap the scene up in. 
Two snaps, and things were suddenly happening just behind me. On this street where no one ever walk I had finally managed to catch the attraction of the cops themselves, pulling up in a brand new police car and everything. 
To their advantage I have to say that they probably were out on some kind of random patrolling, or maybe even looking for something special when they came around this tight corner and saw the car standing there with the big backdoor in an open position with nobody  to see around it. So they stopped to check, while I was standing on the other side of the car in some kind of concentration to get what I wanted.
So they had to ask of course, any question they could come up with to check what this was all about. 
Heck, I thought it was pretty obvious to be honest. I was taking a couple of photographs, of course, so I told them exactly that. Well, the cops wanted a bit more detailed explanation about what exactly I was photographing, so I told them... 
To tell the truth he did not exactly look very enthusiastic about the words spoken about the "nice" concrete walls and their position in relation to each other, the great shadows created by the steel rods sticking out of the wall and the square windows making the whole scene up inside the shadowy part of the frame. Actually at one point I thought ahhh... next thing is he's calling the guys in their white frocks to come find a nice and tight little room for me for the next few years. I mean we've all been to the movies to see what's going to happen when you say stupid things, not?
So I managed to shut my mouth before I went any further, and after giving each other some weird faces in something that seemed like forever they decided I was not what they had been looking for anyway, wished me a nice day and went away. 

A real mess made out of a fence at some point. Probably a creation made by some kind of vehicle in cooperation with the wind up through the years, or something completely else. I got no idea, to be honest. A mess it was, anyway. Nice to snap stuff without getting disturbed by the cops and such, to be honest. No one in sight around here at Christmas time, as we know by now.

By this point I had totally lost the track of what I previously had been looking at with them walls and things, so I need to go back there some day for sure. Maybe there's a few better things to be found if I do some exploring on them lower grounds as well for all we know. 
I tried a couple of other well known places also, but found nothing catchy like those nice couple of concrete walls or anything. Nothing with nice light on them anyway. 
And yes, I'm going back. I'm not going to let the police stop me from taking photographs of houses or walls or anything in town. After all that's just what thousands of tourists is doing all day long just a few hundred yards away inside the center of town. 

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  1. Brilliant, Roy - this did make me laugh, at the image you convey of the Landy all parked up out-of-shape in the middle of nowhere and you out with some old film cameras looking for lines and shadows with nothing but concrete walls for company. I'm sure they got some mileage out of that back at the police station :)

    1. Ah... I think they still talk about it down at the station, don't you think?


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