onsdag 25. januar 2017

The deeds of the day before this one

Sure, because I did do stuff yesterday as well. Nothing much, but still something.
Did a couple of things inside the bathroom again, then got bored to such a degree I just had to get out and about for a while. Packed a few cameras inside the Landy and off I went for something a bit more fun than putting membrane goo onto old tiles and new wall plates. 

They use what they got at hand around Fitjar, to keep  their floating workshops tied to the shore. Looks like that rope has been floating around in the sea for some time anyway.

I drove around and found this twisty road we never use much these days because a better road has been built instead. It twists and turns in all kinds of directions and dimensions, and along the way there's a few things might worth snapping up on a good day. Obviously yesterday was not the best of days, because I came back with nothing much etched onto the rather nice HP5 I got loaded into one of the Nikons right now. 
And I found this old mill saw, or whatever you like to call the thing, somewhere along that twisty road. Belongs to some old farmer who died a few years back, obviously. I happen to know, because just as I tore this fluorescent road stick out of my way to snap my masterpiece in some sort of decent fashion, an oldish bloke showed up out of nowhere. 
He did not mention the stick-thing with a single word, but just wanted to tell me all about the little building and the saw inside it and everything. 
He claimed to be the last person having used the old thing, some 20 odd years back. He once assisted the farmer in some work to make the old saw connected to and driven by his tractor, and that's how he came into touch with the owner of the old finger cutter inside. 
Some time after the last log has gone through it my informant had a call from his son. He had a few logs of birch or something which he wanted to feed through the teeth of them old blades. So they borrowed it and got the job done. That would be the last time it was used, according to this ghost out of nowhere. 
Oh, and I put the marking stick thing back into the very same hole it was standing out of just a few minutes earlier. Just so you know. 
I even wasted a couple of 120 film frames on the old building as well, as I found the Rolleiflex inside the bag in the back of the car. Sometimes a good old camera bag is nice to have, you see.
I did not have the right lenses or anything, so I actually drove back this very morning just to linger around the place to see if I could get something more interesting to stick onto a piece of film. I brought a couple of them Mamiya cameras and went inside under the roof to see if I could get a few more interesting snaps of everything. We shall wait and see, as you know. 
It's been a while since I've been playing with the Mamiyas now, and it was a pleasure to take them out into some fresh air.

Another one of that abandoned cement factory at Fitjar. There were no evidence that this was in use in any way, but who knows really. There were concrete things thrown around everywhere, so maybe they had just been taking a very long Christmas break for all I know. 

Today I will leave the old bathroom alone. The wife is going away to choose the right color of paint, and I will stay very well clear of that. I got something close to a proof that I'm more or less color blind, so I got nothing there to do at all while that is going on. And it's going to take time as well, so no thank you. I'll do the boring paint work, but don't listen to any of my advice about colors or anything like that. I put on what I'm told, and that's it. 

Oh, and the weather has been absolutely fantastic by the way. Mild and no rain, and that's something I like a lot. 
Every day without snow or rain is just fine, if you ask me. 
And we are actually starting to get some good old daylight again. Nothing on the extreme side, but still noticeable more of it than we had a month back. I might even take some advantage of just that someday soon. 

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  1. Ah, as usual on this place Roy a good story and a couple of decent snaps to go with it. Nice to hear about the camera situation too - Nikon, Rolleiflex and Mamiya sound like a pretty tough choice sometimes! Or maybe, as you did, just use all three and see what comes out the other side of the chemicals...

    1. Thanks a lot, Michael.
      The choice between cameras is not actually as tough as you might think. I tend to grab what fits inside the bag I'm using at the moment, and happily stroll along. If I'm going light I'll bring a rangefinder, and if I'm prepared to carry a load I might go for the big bag with a couple of Mamiyas inside. The good thing about the Defender is that it will carry whatever I can ask for, and all I have to do is open the door to do the pick and choose thing.
      As you might have found out it will take some time yet until we see anything materialized into scans or prints, but we know all about waiting.


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