mandag 16. januar 2017

Shuffling stuff into piles

It's that time of year, again. 
Loads of it, just the way we get from time to time over here.
Snowed a bit Thursday evening, all Friday and most of Saturday as well. Sunday was not too bad, so could use that one to kind of clear the area. Or at least a part of it.
Because it's too long a road to get it all done out here where the cottage is located. Couple of hundred yards from the main(ish) road down to this place, and a steep enough hill to climb as well just to really add to it all. Meaning it's not the right place to have your car snowing in, as you might understand. 
That's why I'm quite happy that did not happen, just because you check the forecast and such at this time of year. At least that's what you do when you are old enough, and have used quite a bit of your time up through the years to shuffle snow away, and trying to recover cars stuck into the stuff in all kinds of weird places. 
So, that's why you think ahead and move the cars up to the top of the hill before the snow gets too deep.
What about the young people then, you might think?
Nah...! They will act totally ignorant to the whole razzamatazz, only to wake up some time in the middle of Monday to find out her car is totally frozen down and impossible to move unless some work is done first. Luckily I moved that one as well before the conditions were getting real bad.
Evolution is not happening quickly, in other words. Because if I think something like 30 years back I might find out nothing has changed much at all in that respect. 

Another one from the same dry dock area as in the last post. Old but rather well maintained crane in the background, and an old but not that well maintained oil tank closer to the camera. The tank is probably empty, because you could actually see right through the steel in quite a few spots. It made a nice enough snap, but is probably not useful for anything else by the looks of it. Nikon FM2 and Ilford Delta 400 film.

As my "darkroom" (or actually the bathroom back home) is lying in bits and pieces at the moment, I've not been able to produce any paper copies of anything this weekend. Might not be able to do so in the next couple of weeks either, for that's sake. There's work to be done before that can happen, mind you, so will have to get it all done as you might understand. 
I hope to have a few films ready by then, but with this speed it might take a while. But then again you never know. All of a sudden I might find some kind of inspiration, for all we know. 
At least the light is fine today, so I might take a couple of cameras outdoors to snap a frame or four. 
And the "Big Project" is going forward. Not that anything great has been captured yet, but at least that one frame each day has been snapped as intended. It will get better, some day. I promise.

So, the weather is great today. Blue skies, some good old wintery light and loads of snow. Daylight, for a change. 
It's a bit cold, though. Not that the temperature itself is bad, but living this close to the sea our -5 deg. C will definitely feel a bit colder than -5 in an area with dry air. 
Tomorrow the forecast say +7 deg. C and rain again. Another problem out here at the coast, where snow is followed by rain, making the snow weigh a ton per square meter. And then we suddenly get wind. Lots of it.
That's why we have other rules and regulations on our buildings out here at the coast. Reinforced roofs, extreme nails here and there and rules on what you can build and where you can build it. Some of it even makes sense, at times. 
But today it's nice, so I might just as well load a couple of cameras and get out there for a walk.

The same oil tank. Rusty old steel plates left to rotten on their own, which they seem to do quite nicely. Nikon FM2, Ilford Delta 400.

Oh, and we have signed ourselves up for a couple of "new" cars. Or one new and one old, to be more precise. 
We have never owned a new car before, as it happens. Not that we have ever felt the urge to do so either, but this is a good enough time to just check how that might feel. 
The wife will use the new one for work and such, and I will use the old one for more or less everything else. Old English ride, as it happens. Big, legendary 4x4 tractor kind of thing. You might know what I'm talking about. It totally lacks all kinds of luxury you'll find in any other car today, but I will manage to drive it all the way down to the cottage AND back up on the road as well, no matter how much snow we might get. I have been wanting something like this for years and years, and now I found one that looked good enough, equipped with the right engine and everything. Hope to have it some day soon, but there was a few things I wanted the workshop to do before I have it handed over. 

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  1. I detect signs of a Landy, perchance? I used to dream about a fully loaded Defender...until my friend got one and I sat in it. Well, truth is, I couldn't actually sit it in and drive it...on account of my body not being able to bend in all the places it needed to. Something to do with the bulkhead behind the front seats, not allowing the seats to move backwards far enough. I like te idea of buying one vehicle and just keeping it running...for ever, which would seem to be possible with Land Rovers, judging from the number of other old ones on the road around The Liberties.

    So...enjoy the new/old wheels, Roy. I hope they take you - and those old snappers of yours - to many interesting places. And of course, we know where to come to see the results...

    1. Sitting here in the middle of the night not being particularly surprised you managed to make a 100% score on that one mate :))
      So, a Landy seems to be rolling my way quite soon. They just have to finish fitting a few bits and pieces first, but they will get it done in a few days now I hope.
      Luckily I'm a small guy and can fit in more or less anywhere. Well, the with of things could be a tiny bit more generously done from the factory, but there's a couple of things weighing up for that slight issue. At least if you look at things from my side.
      Anyway, I'm looking forward to put the thing into some good old use. And if it turns out to be really bad you can always get rid of it at some point.
      They seem to be hard to stop, anyway, and that could come in handy over here during the winter time.
      And hey, there's room for a rather huge pile of cameras inside them as well...!


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