torsdag 21. juli 2016

We like to walk here

Right here, on this norwegian beach. 
I know, I know... it's most likely not exactly what you would call a beach as such, but it's still very close to the sea and the mind will feel a lot better as you stroll along it. That's plenty good enough for me, or us.
The back will ache after a while though, as the wife would have found a few new stones to bring home. She's got a not too good back from before, so I will have to do the carrying. She always seem to bring a more or less empty rucksack, for some reason. And she always seem to find a few stones she could put into some use elsewhere than on a beach like this. 

On days like these I better not bring a heavy camera... One of the smallish nikons will be perfect.

Molnes on the island of Vigra, quite close to my home. It's a very nice place to just stroll and let the mind fly all over the place. 

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  1. I know all about it, my friend - but with my wife it is shells. At least they are lighter :)

  2. And I forgot to say, Roy - great snap there. At least your wife has a lot of stones to choose from...


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