lørdag 23. juli 2016

Dark nights

I'm down south, as you might know. At sea just outside Norwich, as it happens. Old England and thereabouts.
The nights are getting dark down here already. When I left home about a week ago the nights were still very light all around the clock. 
I like light summer nights. Dunno why, but that's what I grew up with. The sun will be gone just a couple of hours at high summer, and that's just about enough. We have dark winters, you see, so we probably need it. At least that's what we keep on telling each other. 

Midsummer night we have a tradition to light up a fire close to the sea somewhere nearby. Traditions, you know. Then we watch the fire burn down while generally having a nice time talking to each other and playing games. I learned a new game this year, and teeth would easily fly. It was a bit on the rough end, as you might understand. Lots of fun though,,,! This was snapped afterwords of a couple warming themselves a bit on the fire and probably a bit by each others company :)

When I was young I remember liking the darker autumn nights the most. They were ideal as a cover when stealing apples from the neigbours garden and such... I don't do that anymore, mind. No one seem to do that anymore, and it's not a good sign.
We got a couple of apple trees in the garden ourselves these days, as it happens, but there's not a single kid trying to get away with a nice apple anymore.
When I get home I might have visitors in the garden, but they will most likely be too concerned about catching monsters inside their phones to even bother the apples. 
It's a shame, me thinks.

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  1. Indeed it is a shame, Roy. And a good observation, as usual on this place. We got apple trees too, but no apples worth talking about. And our strawberries have proved very tasty...we know that as our local neighbourhood squirrel comes every day to sample their delights. At least it gives the hound something to chase, although he has absolutely no chance of catching it :)

    Our nights are drawing in too, although not too much yet. In another month it will be very noticeable and then we will realise that summer is nearly over and we haven't seen anything but rain. Again.

    1. Ah... the same old weather as usual over there this summer as well?! We have had quite a good one, I have to say. At least the last two weeks I was at home the weather was quite nice and a bit on the warm side compared to what we're used to over there. I hope to be able to get a few days next time at home as well. August/September usually are nice back home, but the temperatures will start to creep a bit downwards when August is done and dusted. It's a nice time of year though, the autumn.
      And hey... our strawberries were absolutely brilliant this year. No squirrels around either, so I managed to get myself a couple of nice desserts a few weeks ago. We don't have that many plants anyway, so it was nice to find a few really tasty berries.


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