fredag 15. juli 2016

Another one printed

I spent 10 days way out on my small island not too long ago. 
Luckily I was in the posession of some film, and a couple of cameras. The weather was great for most of the time, but we also had some fog coming in a couple of times. 
I went outside to see if something nice would stick to the film anyway, and it sort of did. 

I printed this one a few days ago. I got no clue what's going on at the right hand side here, but I can assure you that this was not a part of the print. Scanner issues, I guess. It more or less destroyed that nice transition between fog and lighthouse. You will have to use some of your imagination, I'm afraid. It looks like Ilford FB paper, and the details in the print on them stones are a lot better than this scan when looking at it on this screen. As uaual, when I scan something. This was snapped on a rangefinder of german origin. 

There's a few more to come, but this will have to do for now. 
I'm at work, as you might know. Down in Great Yarmouth over there in old England, as it happens. And we got some trouble with the ship, as usual. And yes, that's the same as saying my department is the only one working right now. Well, besides the galley crew, of course. They work all the time no matter what's going on. 

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