torsdag 14. juli 2016

I have been inside the darkroom as well!

I might fortgot to mention it, but I have been a few short moments inside the darkish room... with the red light lit and all. 
And yes, I had a great time even though nothing much came out of it other than a bunch of more or less wasted paper. 
The usual thing, as you should know by now. 

As I'm not in the possession of the original files (physical paper prints) right here and now, it's a bit confusing to tell you the absolute truth. My guess it that this scan is of a darkroom print on some Ilford multigrade fiber based paper (it's definitely a scan of a print anyway), but I'm not 100% sure about it. What more could one ask for, though, than being out there on the island as one of the very few and at the same time have some decent fog coming in from the sea to add some mystery to the whole scene? At least that's what happened right here. I got the same thing printed on a few different papers, and I need to show them off one of these days for sure. The difference is quite something to start a discussion around... to be honest. Not that I see that happening, but still...!!

I got a few scans for you though, and you might even find a few of them a bit interesting. Foma... you know the Czech company making both film and other sorts of light sensitive material? Paper and such? 
Well, they got quite a range I have to say, and their papers are really something else. 
I got nothing of that to show off right now, as I'm just about to fall asleep in some hotel room before hopefully getting on the plane to Amsterdam and then further to Norwich tomorrow morning. I only got the one above, printed on some old and very expanded croatian paper. Grade II as it happens. No modern multigrade stuff from that old company, as you should know. 
I like it, no matter what. Thick and solid paper base, and the most beautiful texture ever. But stiff! 
You will get over it though, at some point. 

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  1. I think that must be a pretty accurate representation of the scene in front of your eyes Mr Karlsvig...and I like it. I like those big Norwegian Rocks with all their uniqueness about them.


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