onsdag 20. juli 2016

There's always things to remember when using film!

I was thinking about going outside to snap up a rig or two, but can't get any decent view on them. They're too darn close as we're only about 20 meters away from it, or something like that. Looks like a mountain when I look up on it anyway, which makes it a bit tricky to frame things, as you might understand. Maybe I'll go try it anyway just to waste some film. 
I got some Kentmere inside one of them cameras, the old one I think, and I really look forward to see how that will develop when I slosh it around in some Rodinal or something else more or less convenient when I get home at some point.

I got it in two versions, in fact, the Kentmere thing. Slow type, and faster type. I think it's only the faster one loaded at the moment, and that some Ilford film will be found inside one of them cameras, but you can never be sure until you open the camera after the roll is done. I'm too lazy to take notes of what I put inside. I used to do that, but for some reason I have lost track of it. I might need to get back on the line and sort it all out. It's nice to know, after all.
Oh yes, I know that most decent cameras got a frame thingy on the backside where you can put a piece of the film box just to make you remember things like that. Seems like the more you pay for a camera, the less extra you get. On them old german things you got nothing like that anyway. You do have a tiny sort of wheel with some ASA markings on, but it's totally stupid as there's no on-board light meter on the thing. And I suppose that's why you just keep on forgetting to adjust it. 
Some times I remember to adjust this wheel on the black one, which is a bit newer and got a light meter attached. The batteries drained out some time early last year tho, so no big point in flicking that wheel either... unless you need to remember which ASA film you put in, of course. 

At the backside of one of them old buildings at Devold Fabrikker back home some time early this spring. Me and my son were out and about to try find a few places we could return to do some snapping at a later stage. We still need to go back, I think. I really like the old and slightly overgrown concrete walls you get in the old part of this place. The new part is OK to, but different. All clean, fresh paint and what have we all. This is a lot more fun, I think. Someone should buy this place and make it into something... but I have said that before some time. They should though. Buy it, I mean, and make it into a gallery or something. The huge hole in the roof may stop them from paying too much, I would think. Ah, and it's just a scan of the negative. I'll print it some other day.

So, that's the lesson for today. Keep a few notes of what you're doing. They might come in handy at some point. After all there's a couple of stops in difference between a 100 and a 400 ASA film. Not that it will create any very big issues if you forget, but a tiny little minor one might come over you as you start wonder how the best way to develop the film will be. 
Usually the answer will be to mix some very thin Rodinal sollution, throw it over the film and forget it all for a couple of hours. At least that's what I do when my head starts spinning after trying to put too many variables into the equation. It's simple, and it works good enough. Usually.

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  1. I tape the end tab from the film box to the back of the camera. It's the only way I can remember.

    1. Oh yes, Jim. I've been through that as well, even thoug I forgot to mention it. It's great when you got some tape available. I never seem to find any when I need it the most. I usually manage anyway, but it causes some degree of frustration at times I have to admit :)

  2. Too many cameras, Roy - that's the problem :) But yes, keeping notes is a great idea but somehow I always convince myself that I will remember the thing that I then completely forget. The worst was when I thought I had HP5 in the bulk loader but it mysteriously turned into FP4. I don't know how that happened ;)


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