onsdag 13. juli 2016

A day beside the scanner

Oh yes! Scanning film. More or less the ultimate boring thing to do, to be honest. 
I'm going to work tomorrow, you see. Had to get it done to be able to post something during the next few weeks, or so. 

I have been both here and there, and a little bit over the hills and far away. 
Hopefully there will be something to please an eye or two, but you never quite know. 

I sort of liked this one. It was snapped a couple of weeks ago when I was staying on my small island of Ona for about a week. Sort of a double exposure done on the Rolleiflex. I don't even know how to do that, so this was completely by accident. I need to find out what went wrong... 

I'm off tomorrow afternoon, so I see you some time then. 

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