lørdag 30. juli 2016

Rolleiflex and Lee Big Stopper ND filter

Me and my son out snapping a few a couple of months ago. He's into a period of long exposure times and stuff like that, and I grabbed the opportunity to just hang with the youth for a moment or two. 
You know the young people... fancy and way too expensive gear, pixelcollectors and tri-pods worth lots. And then there's the filter systems... of course. Lee, in this case. Probably cost a fortune or two. But they are good, though. Very good, actually.

I was dandering about with my Rolleiflex from 1957 snapping all kinds of ways until I felt the urge to test the filter myself. The son just shook his head and told me it was impossible, because the filter system did very much not fit the old Rolleiflex, and neither did the tri-pod connection. And how on earth would you get that old thing to work on long exposure times without the right App on your phone and the latest software and what have we...
You see they got no fantasy these days, the youth. I mean what's the problem as long as you got a good solid rock, two hands and an old fashion cable release thing? 
So I attached the NOK 5,- cable to the release button, put the camera on a rock and pointed it into what I thought might be a good direction, and held the Lee filter in front of the taking lens of the thing. Adjusted to B and some half decent aperture size and pressed the trigger while counting to 30 or 40 or something like that before shutting the leaves on the shutter. 

OK, I could have pointed the camera a bit different to get rid of them things in the foreground and in the upper right corner, but everything else came out more or less as planned, I have to say. 

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  1. Excellent Roy - show them young whippersnappers how things can be done! Looks like your 30 to 40 counting was about right, too. Very good.

    1. Thank you, Michael. Looking at things in hindsight I should have done some work in the foreground there, but who on earth would even think that the exposure would ever be good enough to post somewhere? It was just a test, but I will probably never be able to get anything even close to this again ;)


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