tirsdag 19. juli 2016

Editing snaps is so darn boring!

Just had to say it... again!
Editing a few versions of the same snap for the customer to decide which one to go for. Lots of nitpicking work and probably worth nothing when I'm done, or if I ever get done at all. It would be OK if I had a lightning fast pooter and the files were of a workable size. Well, it's nothing like that, believe me. This is going to be the biggest thing ever delivered from my hands, so better be a bit careful with this one. I would probably cry if I ruined this because of some software issue or something like that. Imagine getting back a really pixelated thing when you thought everything was good to go. 
Nah, I better take my time and get it right instead. Who knows, the one who's going to put this one up on her wall might have friends and all, and before I know it I sit here checking pixels again. Well, that's life when you agreed to sell something way to big to print the old fashion way with my equipment anyway. 

Nope, not edited at all. I'm way to fed up with that thing at the moment to even care. This was snapped during the last days of my last trip at work. You might remember me talking about a viking festival and such stuff? Well, this old norwegian viking ship copy were laid up in this bay just below the viking village they have built right here. Nice lines in these small boats. They sure knew how to build sleek and fast hulls back in the days. I probably used orange filter on this one, but I'm not too sure about it. It was very late in the evening, but on these summer nights there's plenty of light available for more or less anything. Ilford FP4+... I'm quite sure about that.

What else has been happening, you might ask?
Nothing much, as usual. At least not since the last disaster on board, which more or less lasted from the first minute I came on board thursday mid day and all the way to saturday evening around 21.00 Nope, no fun was involved, at all. Way to many hours at work with only a very, very few hours of sleep in between. That's not exactly how you like your period of work to start off, I can tell you that much. 

Since then everything has been flowing smooth enough, so I'm alright now, thank you very much :)  

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