mandag 25. juli 2016

Oh... I'll simply say again, then

I spoke a bit about the same stuff over here... and here, as you might remember.
As a matter of fact one of them posts has received a considerable amount (at least compared to the rest of the posts on my blog) of hits due to the fact that Jim of the blog of cool kind of roads and big muscle cars, and lots of other stuff over in the big country way out west was kind enough to mention my small blog inside his list of three blogs worth to take a quick look at. So thanks a lot for that my friend over there. Very much appreciated. Had I known so many would read it I might have considered to do a bit more in depth work with it, but it's a bit late for that now :)

What I was about to say was more or less that there's obviously a growing number of us filmwasters around nowadays, and it will probably not hurt any of us.
Just have a quick look over here at European CEO who's got a few statistic numbers and a bunch of the good reasons for using film printed on their website. 
It's more or less just what I said, or at least meant to say hadn't my english been so lousy...

A roof on an old viking house, or longhouse as it happens, from back in the days when they used to build their big houses like this. It's from the viking village I visited a couple of months ago while at work and taking a few walks, as you might remember. It's a nice roof, anyway. I'll show you the end of it, the gable, tomorrow. Rangefinder and FP4+

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