fredag 4. november 2016

Photo walk tomorrow

Good evening followers, I hope it's a nice one wherever you are at the moment.
Tomorrow the rumors say it's going to be some kind of happening involving a photo walk in town. I thought I might pick a camera and go along just to see what people are thinking and doing. More like a study of people than actually study the town, maybe. At least that's the thought for now, and we will see in the morning what actually happens. 
I actually thought I might bring one of the big Mamiya's just to see what I can get out of one of them on such a walkaround. I had an idea involving a tripod and some longish exposure with red filters and stuff, but I might have to call that off. You see I can't find this quite important part for my tripod. You know the bit you attach to the camera to make it fasten on top of the tripod thing. Nope, not possible to cheat it by connecting the camera directly to this stupid tripod I got. I actually knew where the thing was just a couple of weeks ago, but now it's like gone with the wind or something. I might find it before tomorrow, and I might not. 

I show you a night time snap of my working place, the Subsea Viking, which will never again be the same. I just heard today that the owner of the ship, the company I work for, have decided to flag the ship over to something cheaper. That would mean that most of the norwegians on board will never come on board again. They will become a number of the way too long list of Norwegian sailors who have lost their jobs the last year or two. I hope to keep my job, but you never know for how long that will last these days.

If I can't find the tiny but important bit for the tripod I might just leave the Mamiya at home and bring something a bit lighter to carry around for a few hours. The F3 or something like that, maybe. It's going to be a film camera, at least. I don't know if there's anybody else snapping film in this photo club, but then they will at least get one visiting tomorrow.
I might get looked at, maybe even suspiciously, but I take the chance... Hopefully I will have a snap or three from the event to show off some day soon. 
A pity that it's a Saturday walk, actually, because there's a few places around town I would like to visit on a regular working day. That would have to wait until another day, but that might be just as well as it's easier to get the right snaps when walking alone. 
I am a loner when it comes to photography. Then I can do everything in my own tempo and speed, and I don't have to stick with the feeling that I'm slowing down anyone, or run from things I find interesting before I have finished off the place. But then again it might be good for the brain to get together with other people sharing the interest from time to time to get new impulses and things like that. 
Can't hurt much, I guess. After all it's just a few hours of my life we are talking about, and no one can force me to stay for longer than I like. 
I might just as well show up with a positive mind and try to get something out of the day. 

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  1. Svar
    1. It came out nice enough, Andrea. At least it was a nice walk, but the snaps could have been a couple of notches better for sure. Got only myself to blame for that, though... as usual :))


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