onsdag 23. november 2016

Life on a Small Island

I'm here again, out in my tiny paradise way out west into the more or less open sea off the coast of Norway, on the tiny island of Ona. We went out here on Saturday, and were actually due to go home this morning, but after some not so very hard decisionmaking I failed to climb into the car along with my wife. Heck, she's going to be at work more or less 24/7 this week anyway so I might just as well stay out here for a few days more. 
Which means I'm sitting out here in rather total isolation. Just me and a small pile of cameras and no particular plans at all. Out and about to waste some film is on the short list of things to do, but nothing else to be honest. 
I just had a few prints put up on a couple of walls and a few other small things done, but that's about it. 
Lots of eagles out here at the moment. That's just the way things should be, as it is a certain sign that winter is slowly on it's way. Don't expect any great snaps of them though, as my snapping devices are not made for those kinds of snaps. As you might know from some time before.

From Ona in the summertime a couple of years back. This is from where the ferry dock four times a day in the winter, and five times each day during summertime. There's always a few people around in the summer, but today it's dead quiet out here. Suits me fine, to be absolutely honest. Sometimes it's nice to be alone inside one's head, believe it or not.

I went to see and hear a concert back at home Friday night. That was the reason why we did not get ourselves out to the island until Saturday, by the way. I'm sure you all remember the good old movie from the very early 90's with The Commitments. From lovely Ireland as you probably know more or less all about. Anyway I'm quite sure The Good Mr. Michael McNeill over in the more northern parts of Ireland knows what I'm talking about. Most likely a few of my other readers as well.
A great night out it was for sure. Brought my wife along, but also our two elder kids and their girlfriend/boyfriend as well. Just had to make them a bit updated on the Dublin Soul kind of music. Not that they cared too much about it, to be honest, but I think they had a great night anyway. At least the two grown ups did, and that's what counts anyway. 

So, he's not looking to unfamiliar the good old Andrew Strong even though appearing in the movie "The Commitments" around 25 years ago this year. My son just threw out on Facebook that the Telecaster playing guitarist in the background looking very much like good old Kurt Cobain is still into some old nice music. Interesting thoughts around the movie itself is the fact that the artist known in the movie as Jimmy Rabbite's (the manager of the band) sister, is actually one of the great Corr sisters Amanda. Maybe you did know, and maybe not. Great musicians, the Corr siblings. Andrea, Sharon, Caroline and Jim is all appearing in the film somewhere if you like to take another look into the thing from back then :)
Sorry, but this is a snap produced entirely inside my iPhone from the concert. Edited slightly inside the "Snapped" App... as you have to do when trying to keep things straight, sort of...

Sorry for the way too few words and snaps from this side lately, but being on the island makes things a bit difficult on the network connection side of things. I found a way through my mobile phone though, so if everything is on my side for the next few days I might be able to post something. Hopefully a snap or two as well, but we will see. 
Until then, take great care!

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  1. Great film lm, The Commitments and a great concert I should think, too. Great image too..you got up close&personal - nice. Hope the ears survived ok :)

    And yes, The Corrs have it all in spades - you've got me thinking about digging out their CDs, which are buried somewhere inbtween Blondie and Van Morrison ;) Easy on the eye they are, too...

    1. They sure are a lot more easy on the eye than both Van Morrison and a few others I can think of :)) I got a few CD's as well, but I'm not too sure if I can find them within a limited time frame. My "system" is long gone, so I might need a good clean-up in the CD's area soon.
      I went up close for a snap or two, but ended up staying on this spot for the whole show. Ears are OK and a great evening with good music it was.


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