onsdag 2. november 2016

Old film, new snaps. And some camera talk again

OK, so following that tiny step backwards because of the failing Nikon FE2 during the trip to the beach of Alnes a few days ago, I'm all back with something close to a positive look at most things.
I just came back home after a couple of weeks at the cottage, but will return there as soon as possible I guess. Either there, or maybe even Ona. Time will show.

As I searched my bags for unfinished films the other day I stumbled upon a halfway snapped film in a couple of the film backs for the RZ67 cameras. One of them kept the sticker from a Tri-X on the back of it, so I finished it off and had it developed yesterday. Turned out that the first 5 snaps was all of the youngest daughter. From the 17th of May, by the look of the clothes and all. All taken indoors, but the light falling on her face on this one was particulary nice, me thinks. It's a fine film, the Tri-X, but it twists and turns, curls and folds like nothing else. Kind of irritates me... 

I have been continuing my search for a different camera to use for the full year project in 2017, and I think I might have found the answer (again...). 
The big question seemed to be to which extent I think hauling a big camera around all the time would start to feel like a drag, or if I might think I'm quite comfortable doing so.
Usually when I leave the house I seem to carry at least one bag with cameras anyway. Maybe focusing only on one single camera and one single lens for most days and situations could actually become some sort of a relief in some way. Sometimes, at least.

I have still not made up my mind, but at least I have loaded one of the old Nikon F3's with some film just to see how it works. It's a wee bit on the heavy side, as we know, but it's a very well balanced thing after all and does not really weight you down in any noticeable way. I mean we're not talking about the RZ67 kind of weight here, just to make that clear. That thing would quite quickly become a real drag!
It's not that one of the small and neater FM2's would not have been able to do the job, but I think it's about time I try to learn the F3 to know a bit better than I actually do. I have snapped quite a few rolls through them things before, so it's not that I don't know how to use them or anything, but I have never been at a point where I have chosen the F3 in favor of the FM2.
Don't ask me why, because there is no very good answer to it. Probably it all comes down to old habits and that I know I can trust the old manual things, so why go for something else?
Well, time to throw things a bit around, I think. If you asked me today, I would probably say I'm going for the F3. Let's see, I might have a different opinion in a week or so.
The F3 used to be a real professional camera back in the days of the eighties and nineties. In fact Nikon did build this camera over a period of 21 years from 1980 to 2001. That's something to have in the back of your head when you see the speed they change the models coming out these days. 
They built the F3 with a few flaws, of course. They always seem to do just that, for some odd reason. I will not use time on that right now, but rather save it for a rainy day as I probably will need something to wright about then as well.  

From the same film as above, but taken just a few days ago when I discovered the unfinished film. We had some light and shadow passing by rather quick, so I made the old RZ67 ready outside to be able to quickly step out to snap a few should the light shine in a nice way through them clouds. It certainly did, but I never were quick enough. It was cold as heck outside, so I did not want to stay out there either. This one seems rather nice, though. There's one or two others as well... might post them another day :)

Today I did nothing much. Baking bread, scanning a few films when time allowed, went to a funeral... and that was about it, I think.
Tomorrow will not be anything close to that interesting, probably. I might find something to do in or outside the house, or I might also put up the darkroom and get things done in there. I got a few things I need to get done, but nothing urgent. Which is good, by the way.
I seem to have to get ordered a small bunch of 8"x10" paper one of these days. Will not do that from any norwegian shop! Just checked the price for a 100 pack of stuff from Ilford... and well. AG-photographic over in the UK have the same paper for well under half the norwegian price. Just saying.
I should probably call one of my friends from the ship, see if any of them would be willing to hand carry a pack or two on board for me. That would save me a great deal in norwegian taxes as well, but no matter how I do it I would save some money it seems.

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  1. Two great snaps Roy but that last one is a bit special. Great work.

    Interesting about the F3...really 21 years? Amazing and won't ever happen again. Those old Nikons have a lovely quality about them.

    1. Thank you loads, Michael. Always nice to hear from you over there.
      21 years in production, the same model. Can't beat it these days for sure!

      That last one... well, a special snap done on a special day when light were switched on and off outside faster than you would ever imagine. Not easy to get it all to stick on film though.


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