torsdag 24. november 2016

Adjusted some developing times

So. Here I am, just back home from Ona after quite a long day with my traveling shoes on. Up before six in the morning, jumped on the ferry around 7 and further by bus and boat and what have we all. Ended up not too far from home where my wife picked me up and drove me home before she went further on for some more work.
Being home alone I thought I might be better off mixing up a liter of D-76 developer which is the only thing I got in the house for the moment except from some Rodinal. I had this pushed to 1600 Ilford PAN400 film I thought I wanted to see if I could get a better result from than I did at my last attempt, so I dropped it into the tank together with the developer and added a couple of minutes on the developing time for the thing. Looks a bit better right now anyway, so lets just hope I can say the same thing when I get it scanned and maybe even extract a few prints from it.
We will see tomorrow, some time.

You may remember I was talking about the baking course I went through on board the ship the last time I was at work? Well, here you have the teacher himself quite well presented from a frame of film I just stumbled over. It's our night cook on board, and this man makes magic happen inside the galley. Just saying. He even managed to teach me a few tricks about baking bread, which means I can suddenly feed my family with the best of the best of home made bread. OK, it's probably a Norwegian thing baking your own bread these days, but still... it's as good as it gets, mind you.

Here he is, the same man in action. I think this was taken from a film having gone through one of the Nikon FM2's during the last trip at sea. Probably pushed Kentmere 400, but I would have to check that to be absolutely sure. I guess it's all seen through a Nikkor 35mm lens. 

I also had a couple of Ultrafine Extreme 400 films in 120 size ready for development. Last time I dropped that into some developer (I think it was washed in good old Rodinal) I was not too pleased with the result to be honest. Dull and flat, little contrast.
I had forgotten all about it, to be honest, but a bell rang as soon as the first of the two rolls were out of the D-76 a couple of hours ago. Decided to adjust the times for the next one by something like a minute or so, and that seemed to help a bit.
It has to be added that the first of the rolls today came from the Diana F+ camera, of which you can say a whole lot. What you definitely can't say is that it has something like a contrasty lens on board. That could of course be one of the reasons giving a few underexposed and boring looking negatives. But again, we will see if there's something interesting on that roll as well when the thing has dried some time during the night.

So, tomorrow will be scanning day then. Keep checking this space for a few new frames in about 24 hrs. or so :)

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  1. Sounds like you had fun, Roy - both in the bread-baking and the film-baking departments. Freshly baked bread by your own is hard to beat...although easy to eat too much of it :)


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