mandag 7. november 2016

A weekend out and about

Oh yes, I've been on the move sort of, more or less the whole weekend. Not that I have been doing a serious lot, but there was a few things going on for sure.
First of all I went to this photo walk in the center of town for a few hours from Saturday morning. It was a fine day, and it was kind of nice to walk around with people sharing the same interest. Not that there was anyone else carrying real cameras of course, but they were still snapping in all kinds of directions just like myself. I think there were around ten(ish) of us doing the walk, which was just about the right amount of folks I would say. 

A print or two to show you today, made inside the darkroom on Ilford paper a couple or three days ago. It's from last weekend when we suddenly went off to Bergen. This is a church in the middle of town, the Mariakirken, or Mary's Church, if you like. A beautiful building from around 1180 or so, and the oldest still standing building in the city of Bergen. I only manage to snap the top of the two towers, as you see, but the rest is worth a look as well if you find yourself walking in this area some day. 

Around halfway through the trip one of the elder guys suddenly became aware that my camera seemed to differ a wee bit from the others in the area, and to be something he seemed to recognize from some years back. Eyes widened and questions started to fly around for a little while. That's always great I think, at least when people have an open mind about it all. And why would some of them not? As a matter of fact a few of them was even a few years older than me, and should quite well remember what they used to load into their cameras some years back. Cool thing is that some of the guys had even been thinking about it lately, to grab their old cameras to do something on film again. They probably had different reasons for having thoughts like these, but nostalgic reasons might be just as good as any other reason for wanting to try this method again. 

Another print from Bergen, but this time from way above the city itself. It's from a small mountain called "Fløien", which is very accessible because of the nice little train thing that will easily take you to the top. Nice walking area from where this was snapped and into the deeps of the forest behind me. I kind of liked this perspective with the goat and the traffic way below. I changed to the 105mm to get the background a bit closer. I think it worked, kind of.

This was meant to be some kind of a meeting in the local camera club. I have to start a new membership in a new club for 2017 as the club I used to be a member of has been shut down due to very low interest. I used to be a member of this club (far away from home) just to support it in some way, and to automatically be a member of the Norwegian mother club (NSFF) to get a few publications in the mail each year, and to be able to throw things in for evaluation and things like that. Not that I have ever done so, but anyway. It's always nice to have a chance to do so, should you feel like it some day. To become a member in the national club again I will either go to this local club, or to another club not too far away from here. I have not made up my mind about which of the two it's going to be yet. Rumors say they got some darkroom equipment in the local club, and there should be at least one member doing some film stuff. I did not get any more info during the walk on Saturday, but I will find out a bit more within a few weeks from now I guess. As I know a woman in this club since years ago I might even get the chance to have a quick look at the darkroom as well, just to get some idea what's in there and what it looks like. I mean if there is at least one other guy doing film it's kind of worth to test a membership for a year just to see if it's useful to either me or somebody else. I can always make an evaluation at some point through the year anyway and either stay or move to a different club. 

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  1. Ah ha - clubs, eh? Must be the season for thinking about them, as I've been doing just the same over here in Ireland. Sometimes it might be nice to actually talk to someone face-to-face about the things we do. We'll see how it goes. Good luck with your clubs, Roy - we should compare notes!

    1. So, will there be more than one club to join in your area then, Michael? I still have not decided which one to go for yet, but we will find out soon enough what will be the best choice, I guess. I wish you luck as well, and hope you keep us informed through the usual channel :)


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