fredag 4. november 2016

A review, sort of, just posted

I just finished writing quite a few words about the old Nikon F3. You can find it over here, if you like and have the slightest amount of interest. 
Today I have been a bit busy inside the darkroom. Made a small bunch of 5"x7" prints, and a couple 8"x10" just because I felt like doing so. On warm tone fiber paper from Ilford they were printed, the big ones. The small ones were done on the Classic FB sort of stuff. Nice paper that as well. 
It's a good thing, I thought again today as I was standing there in the dark, that there still is such a dedicated company left making this stuff. 

Don't know how this appears on your screen. Looks a bit darkish and slightly muddy on mine, but that sort of reflects the weather this day. It's from the same roll of Tri-X as posted in my last post. I might print it onto some fine paper some day even. If so I think I need to try highlight that snow in some kind of way.

Tomorrow it's off with the car to get the winter tires on and to get a couple of other things fixed on the thing. What we actually should do is to get it changed out with something a few years fresher. The thing starts to fall apart, and that would normally mean the time has come to start testing something else. 
I like to test new cars. My wife not so.
Most likely I will have to do that on my own some day, and sooner rather than later preferably. 

I remember looking carefully through a photo book a few years ago. I had lost the name of the artist somewhere along the way, but today I did a search on the net with a few key words I actually remembered to try find out who and what. And the usual search engine did not fail this time either. The name is Alexey Titarenko, a russian dude taking the most beautiful long exposures on film, with both a nerve and loads of feeling inside. I remember I thought about political undertones as well when I first looked at his work in this book. 
Have a look at this interview with the man himself. At least there will be a couple of fine prints to glance at, and some great russian music to listen to in the background. 

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  1. Another great shot there Roy.

    Titarenko is a genius with the old snapping devices, for sure. I will watch that interview with interest. Thanks for the link.


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