mandag 10. oktober 2016

A new week

I'm just home, as you might know, from a month at work in the middle of the sea. You need some time to shake the somehow lonely feeling of work off of your back, but I'll get there some day soon. Been home since Friday, but have not been able to do anything yet. Except from going to a small concert and a couple of parties that is, but I kind of feel that does not count.
Still it does.
One should use some time to just live as well.

From work, of course. There is no way I can possibly recall the name of this thing made of steel pipes and girders. It's there, anyway. 

The concert? Well, I'm afraid the foreign language speaking readers of the words around this place have never heard of the singer/songwriter/performer/painter/drawer/storytelling artist called Unni Wilhelmsen? She's the one to the left dressed in white playing that black G-sharp guitar tuned into some open Joni Mitchell tuning.
She is very well known all the way around this long but small country anyway. Been so for 20 years this year. She brought herself and three guitars. A really good sounding Martin D-28 and a couple of G-sharps. I got a G-sharp, as it happens. Great small guitars, as you might know. I got a Martin as well, a D-35. They are great, big guitars.
I brought a camera to the concert. It was loaded with some quite extremely pushed 400 film. I got no idea if anything on the good side of things will come out of it, but we might see. One of these days.

I found this boat during one of our trips this summer. It seems like it's seen better times, to be honest. You would not like to go far out at sea inside this thing nowadays, I suppose. Duly snapped with one of the Nikons onto Kentmere 100ASA film. 

And we went to this party. Laughed plenty and had a great time inside a house by the sea. Or it was more like on and above the sea when I think about it. Nice place, beautiful people, great evening.
I brought a camera this night as well. Didn't even bring it out of the car you might be relieved to learn.
And now I'm here, at the cottage, trying to plan for the days ahead.
Well, I do have the overall plan already. Just have to break it into details now, and then start the hard work.

Coffee first!!

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  1. Good to hear you doing some living as well as everything else Roy.

    1. Well, Michael. Sometimes we just need to do that as well as everything else :)
      Right now I'm at the cottage, doing nothing but living... as it happens. And oh... checking out my brand new plastic toy camera, by the way :)) Just loaded the thing with some old fashion Ilford PAN 400 and put the thing into half frame mode. Never tried that before, but hope to get some real gritty and grainy shots from it. We will see how things evolve from here, I guess. Just stay tuned :)


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