lørdag 29. oktober 2016

By The Sea

Sitting inside our very tiny castle down by the sea, listening to the waves and the weather outside while killing a can of coffee. Nearly done now, so I'll be ready to do something quite soon. If I feel like. Lazy Saturday today, and I'd like to keep it like that for some more time.

In the middle of the day, midsummer or summer solstice on Ona. I think I used the orange filter taken from one of the Leica lenses held in front of the taking lens on the Rolleiflex for this one. It's nice out there, any time of year. Hope to take the trip out there one day soon, just to suck in some very fresh autumn air...

I'm in the process of testing that Nikon FE2 I was talking a lot about yesterday. Not that I have snapped any masterpieces yet, but they will come. Believe me.

Not too many of them left, the born, bred and still living out on Ona kind of folks. This was just before the chair went on the big bonfire on summer solstice night earlier this year. Beer in hand, as is the tradition on this evening over here... It was a fantastic night, nothing less. I think he actually thought it was a bit fun to be snapped by that old camera for some reason :)

Just wanted to post a couple from this summer. From Ona, you know. Snapped on medium format 120 film 6x6 and everything. Midsummer in Norway, as I used the day and evening to walk around with the old Rolleiflex.

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  1. Misummer, Norway, Rolleiflex and beer sounds like an unbeatable combination, Roy.


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