lørdag 29. oktober 2016


Just For Your Information:
The FE2 will not be the camera for my 2017 project
It did not even survive through the first film I showed inside the thing since last repair, so it's hereby put on the shelf never to become anything else but a donor after this day. 31 frames on that Tri-X was the best it could do before the film winding mechanism thing broke again, and my patience around this camera is no longer existent. 

From the P&S Olympus Mju-II. Not bad at all, actually. At least as long as you remember to turn the flash off before snapping with the thing. Not that it usually would cause any big trouble, but boiler suits with reflex bands on will only cause most of the interesting things inside the image to underexpose badly. How I know...? Well, I just happen to do so!

It's definitely going to be something else having to be trusted to get the job for next year done.
I will most likely have something on some shelf way more useful than the one we are talking about now. 
I took it all the way to Alnes this afternoon. Shone some very nice light through it and everything, but still it gave up on me like this, and I had no spare camera anywhere near. A shame, actually... but that's life. 
Next time I will bring something different, of course. 

Another one from the Mju-II. I really like this one for some reason. Kentmere 400 film, by the way. Same as the first snap which is from the same film.

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