fredag 14. oktober 2016


Yesterday we finally got the news I have been waiting for the last 25 years or so. Good old Bob Dylan lived to see himself receiving the great reward I would say the Nobel Price in literature is. Or at least should be. Congrats, You Great Poet and dinosaur.

A while ago, when me and my wife were down south a bit to check what the islands down there had to offer. Lots of stone, some heather and a nice atmosphere would be the most obvious answer. There might be other things to say as well, but that's for another day I think. This was done on Kentmere 100 film stuck inside one of the Nikons.

I have been busy the last week after I returned back home. Clearing the house is the task at the moment. We have been thinking about moving to some other place in the not too far future, and need to get rid of tons of stuff to make that happen. Things tends to accumulate over the years, and you won't believe to what extent you may be a horderer until you actually start trying to get things off your property. Been working a week now, but still there's a lot to do. 
Some photographic equipment needs to go away as well, but I hope to keep most of it. Seems like that's going to be possible.

Oh well, you have seen this before. This day there was some fog going out the fjord. It was soon to be evaporated by the sun, though. Kentmere 100, Nikon FM2

I was just scanning some film. When I was sitting here doing that I noticed great things happen with the foggy stuff down at the lake a few meters away from the house. Sun, frost, fog and water. Might prepare one of the big Mamiyas for tomorrow morning and take a walk before sunrise to try capture some of it. Weather dependent, of course, like everything else over here. 
It's been nice for a week now, but as you know I have been busy doing other things.

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  1. Nice fog there Roy.

    Moving house...very brave. We got degrees in hoarding over here in The Liberties, so I know where you're coming from. And yep, keep the cameras...all of 'em! :)

  2. Thanks for your nice comment, Michael :)
    The foggy stuff in this snap is nothing compared to the thing mentioned by the lake the other day, but the next morning it was all dead. No nice light, and the fog absolutely absent. I'll catch it some other day when the temperature has dropped a bit. Then it will be back, I suppose.

    We have been talking about moving, a lot. Has not happened yet, though... We just feel like getting rid of things we don't need. The cameras are not among things not needed, actually :)
    I might send off an enlarger and a few other bits and pieces, but the cameras will hopefully stay. OK, I might find it a bit unnecessary to own three Mamiya RZs... but maybe my son or daughter find out they can borrow one of them? We will see... one day :)
    I will, of course, keep you updated!


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