mandag 17. oktober 2016

Out in the light

Still got my "night vision" on. Been inside the darker room, as you do on a nice day anyway.
Done a few prints, as you might suspect.

This is not one of the new prints! It's the younger daughter back when she was a couple of years old probably. No idea which camera this came from, but probably either the Nikon F-401 or maybe even the FM2. I used them both back in this period. Could also be an old Canon AE-1 I used to own, but I doubt it. 

Been working day and night to try clear out a lot of inventory from the house. What a mess! Seems like we have been collecting things for no particular reason. I must say I'm quite happy to see most of it away soon. Putting everything on the trailer tomorrow to drive it away for good. 
Sold a few things as well, as it happens. The fly rod and a bunch of other things was picked up by some guy willing to pay a few shillings for the lot. I guess he did a good deal on that, to be honest. 

All three of them out in the woods. We used to go there a lot, as it used to be a very short walk from home. 

So... you might wonder a bit about all the colours appearing around here this afternoon? Well... I have been scanning a bit as well. Found some old slides up on the attic, and had to give them a shot through the scanner. I don't know which type of film they were snapped on, but probably some Fuji stuff. I might find out some day if I decide to go for it, but that will involve opening the frames and stuff. I might just leave them be as they are. 
Snapped towards the end of the 90's. I guess late 98 or spring of 99.

Not too bad this film. Nice colors and everything.

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  1. Love that first shot, Roy - really sweet. Especially with the 'du-du' stuck in the mouth - we went through that stage too a few years ago. Colours look nice and natural.

    So the fly-fishing days are over, then. That's a shame - it's a lovely pastime but a few years since I did anything in that area too. Hopefully the rod went to a good home where it will be used appropriately. And spend the few $$ wisely...but I guess you have no difficulty in doing that, what with the cost of film these days :)


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