mandag 16. november 2015

More from Trondheim

We went here a while ago, and I posted a few from this place a bit earlier. Now I seem to have scanned a few done on 135 film as well, so might better just post a few of them. 
It was a particularly wet and miserable day in this town, but it does not show to well on the snaps. They were all made inside one or two german cameras, with german lenses attached. The film was UK made though... as that's where all good B&W film comes from these days. At least if you are into fresh film. If you want old stuff you can find lots of great things from all over the globe. 

Good old dad having a cup of hot and black coffee. It was a cold day, you see... and wet, and great!

I think I mentioned earlier, but this is the town where I was actually born. Just up the street a good walk. The building should still be there, I have been told. Old fashionable big sort of thing, with a history and all. It still looks great if you google it anyway. I should find it an snap a couple, some day.

Don't really know about this... I post it anyway. Seen through a german 21mm lens, if anyone bother.

This town got an old bridge. "The Old Town Bridge" is the name of it... Not to much fantasy used when that name came up, obviously! Still, it's there and still in use. It has of course been threaten by fire and had it's moments of fear, like all great buildings over the years. It's still there though, and in daily use by pedestrians and crazy guys on their bikes. 

The old bridge, with it's portal and all... standing out there in the rain as it usually does. 

Still drinking coffee, still raining but not to heavily. We are about to move a bit, I think. Went over to Andrea to check his great, tiny, gallery and darkroom. It was the treat of the day, to be honest. A lot better than the coffee out in the cold it was!

Sure, we went to see Andrea's place. It was great, and I suddenly wanted something similar for myself as well. I just need to find the right place first, and make a few great prints to put up on the walls. I can do that, if I get a kick in the butt some day. 

Kind of like this one... It's the same old bridge from the other side, and it's a cat. Quite big black one walking the area not bothering at all. He looked like he owned the place, and probably did.

That's it from Trondheim, me thinks. At least for now.
I could post a few from the cathedral, and might do just that another day. It's a standalone story I guess, so you'll better wait some time for it.
And I got a few things to say about some photographic gear... soon. You see, I just had a few plastic cameras coming my way. Some plastic, and some good old heavy ones. Just stay tuned, and you'll find out. And I had paper coming through the mail. You'll find out about that as well :))

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  1. Great set of snaps Mr Karlsvig, from your very home town. Makes me think I need to get out more and hopefully I will. You have captured a few good 'moments' there with your 21mm. I see everyone walks down the middle of the road in Trondheim, rather than the pavements/sidewalks...that says a lot about the people. So they don't like rules...that's OK by me.


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