mandag 23. november 2015

Wintery light

It's early morning. I'm sitting here in the cabin down by the sea looking out the window, coffee in the cup, watching the daylight slowly trying to take over from the pinch black wintery night that was present a few hours ago. The snow already lay deep on the mountains on the south side of the fjord. It's the same on this side, but I'm down by the sea, not up on the mountain located straight behind me. There's almost no snow left down here, consider the quite massive snowfall we had during the weekend. 

From this summer. German camera from 1960. You all know the brand which today is making all sorts of stuff to a price which no one I know can't even consider to pay for anything like a camera, or not even a car. They were mighty expensive back in the days of 1960 as well. I got one, or two, and love them, but they are still just cameras... I got a lot of cameras I like!

We got terrain here, in this part of the world. Rough terrain spanning from sea level to peaks over 1500 meters, then straight back to sea level in just a few hundred meters if you take a closer look at it on a map. 
The dialect people speak varies a lot from one small settlement or village, to the next. It's not exactly anything to wonder too much about if you try to figure how distant they were from each other up to just a few decades ago. 

Nothing special, but I still like those pylons and poles disturbing the view all over these small islands. It's like they are more visible here than anywhere else, for some reason. Same old german camera, same old german lens. Probably.

I'm on my way out. Got a small outbuilding that needs to get finished before winter really starts getting the grip on the world outside. Not much left now. I had the door mounted and the last few wooden planks on the cladding mounted a few days ago. Now there's only minor details left to get the underside of the roof done on the outside left to do, then I can go inside to finish it off. The work inside is no hurry. I can get that done without having to consider weather and such. 

Inside an old office from some time around the 1950's era. There was nothing much in here, but the old letters on that window caught my curiosity from the outside, so I had to go in to have a quick look and steal a quick snap. Same camera, wider german lens.

Tomorrow I hope to get the last prints done before I leave for work some time next week. There's the one I need to ship away, and there's a couple of others I planned to print and probably or maybe hang on a wall or two inside the cabin. I'm not sure which ones yet, but I thought I would just print a few good ones. Try them out before I decide which ones will live to see another day, and which will not.

Alex on his way to work, or maybe most likely home from work considered the state of his eyes and the fact that he's on night shift. The plane is the same either way, so it's a bit hard to tell. I think this was done inside the M3 as well. Most likely a Summicron 35mm lens. 

The light around here is just absolutely fantastic at this time of year. Not that there's a lot of it, mind you. And not that it last for long, by any standard. It changes from one minute to the next, and is an ever changing matter. It's good for me, I think. The dark wintery northern lights. 
Did you know that some people are actually getting sick of it? The light, that is. Or the lack of light, to be more precise. I mean physically sick, as in having to go see the doctor and all. 
I have never had that issue, which is good, as I like this time of year even though we got all the hassle with the snow from now until around the middle or end of april. 

1'st engineer checking manuals, TRA's, TBT's or something else important written on a piece of paper. Probably snapped with a german M6 camera. Definitely a 35mm Summicron lens.

As usual the photos have absolutely no connection to the text. They are all from the archive, some old and some more recent. I need to start plan these posts a bit more, probably...

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