fredag 27. november 2015

I'm back out, into the daylight

Well, not daylight as such, since in only a months time we will reach winter solstice. At this latitude that means no daylight unless we get something like a clear day. You know, blue sky and stuff like that. Nothing we see too much of, to say it as is. 
The weather has been really bad the last week. Yesterday was a true winner in that respect with huge loads of rain accompanied by a strong gale. No daylight, needless to say. Landslides and misery all over the county. The road dissolved into it's single parts and threw itself into the sea, but that was on the other side of the fjord. You know the place where the real mountains are. I have probably posted snaps of the area before, but since you ask I'll do it again.

Over here, you know. No wonder things slide away when the rain has been pouring down for weeks, and you live around mountains like these?!

I made some good use of the dark days, dug myself down into the darkroom to make a good print or ten. A few scraps as well, as you do, but all together a good bunch of nice prints. Nothing fancy, mind you. That's for another day if creativity should throw itself at me. 
At least there will be snaps for presents for the few who's got such on their wish-list. Today I got some spot work to do, then framing, and they will be ready to go. 

And over here, as well... they got some issues with heavy stuff coming down the mountain side from time to time. This is a scan of a print I made a long time ago, btw. Proper fiber paper and all! OK, it's not great, maybe, but I just wanted to show you anyway :)

My son came over yesterday evening. Then he went home with a real great and fully functioning Nikon D300. Pixel shooter, you know. The kind of thing I don't use to often, if ever. The cool thing with those semi professional digital Nikons is that they take the old lenses, those from the late 50's and onwards up until nowadays models. How great is that? 
I still got a smallish Fujifilm pixel collector. That's more than enough for my use, since I have not snapped a single digisnap the last couple of years on anything bigger than my phone. 

Another print scan. Looks horrible here, I see. The print does not look to good either, so that could be why. I need to go back here on some gray and dull day, which should be easy enough, to try snap this from a wee bit different angle. 

I found a couple of old cameras when I was going through my drawers to dig out all the bits and pieces for that digital Nikon. Nothing fancy, of course, but still they are cameras I either have not tested or need to use a bit more. Among them this mighty cool Kodak Colorsnap 35 thing from the mid 50's some time. There's a film loaded and all, but I can't remember what's exactly inside. Probably Tri-X, or maybe some Fomapan stuff. I'll run through it and get it developed some day just to make sure the thing works as intended. 
I also tested an old Voigtländer Vitomatic on one of the longer shutter times. Looks like it got the same issue as the other Voigtländer I got. Shutter totally stuck giving totally random results. That's OK, as long as I know what's going on.
And I found this crappy, all plastic, Nikon F401 from the early eighties. I remember this one quite well, as it was the first SLR I bought for my own money. I just loaded a film into it, and it seems to work. I might even use it now and again, for all I know. I need to manipulate it if I want to load film without DX coding, which I just did. I think it automatically switch to 100 or 200 ASA if there's no coding on the canister. That will have to do for this test, as I have no idea what's inside the bloody thing anyway. The roll came to me in the mail a few weeks back from someone who did some self-rolled film some time back in the 80's. It's probably some old FP4 or HP5... at least that's my wildest and best guess.

No idea what happened here with that vignetting and such. Probably a dodgy filter used on a half-wide lens on the Mamiya RZ. It's an old snap from Ona I just found. The object snapped was a bit old, as well.

Nah... I better go find some good lamp and my small bottle of Marshalls Neutral Black and get started the spot check, and fix, on those prints I told you about. 

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  1. Wonderful photographs Roy. I see you are a bit of a camera collector - I must confess to being the same. It's hard to resist when you only pay a few $$ for them. It's nice to dig out something different from time to time and see what happens.

    1. Very hard to resist Michael. Impossible actually, at times.
      I kind of like the different personalities of them, more than the different brands and such. I got lots of similar cameras that should act as one, but they just don't do that. If you take any pixelshooter made these days they will be doing the same thing. My filmsnappers never do that, for some reason.
      I'm not a collector, but I love cameras for the mechanical things happening inside them. That's why I got a few of them, I guess. Collectors got loads of them, but never load them with film and all. All my cameras are more or less loaded at all times, which makes them kind of expensive if you add it all up... Yeah, you know the deal of course...


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