lørdag 21. november 2015

They had some breezy weather lately

At least that's what someone told me. Someone that should know what they're talking about. Some captain on the ship I work on. You know the type I guess. Stripes on his shoulders and all, meaning he should know a lot about bad weather. You might even think he should know better than trying to ride it off out there, but apparently there's a lot more to it than the rest of us will ever understand. 

Oh yes, here he is! The Captain with his eagle eye attached and switched on. Without stripes here, as you can see. He wears them underneath that boiler suit, so better be aware! I just have to assure you that this was snapped on a much better day than the one I'm talking about today.

Well... at least that's what happened around a week ago. They found themselves in the middle of a quite breezy low pressure, with no possibility to escape. They got hit by a huge, and I can assure you it had to be huge to do what it did, wavey thing and all hell broke loose on board. Completely damaged the heli-deck, a couple of cabins totally flooded due to a few broken portholes... and all the stuff that went without saying. I can assure you it was a lot more, as I kind of know the results of being hit by huge waves. They make chaos in a nick of time. That's what huge waves do. It's a bad habit they got.

We bump into all kinds of breathing personnel on tours like this. The rigger foreman is one of them, and a great guy he is for sure! Don't ask me what the pointing at him was all about. I just saw the OM doing it, then snapped it up for documentation. 

Back home it's all nice and quiet, luckily. Snowy and cold for sure, but quite nice anyway. Have used the last couple of days to do some work on that cabin of ours. The one down by the sea, you know. It has been a good few days. 
I will be back when I got something to say, as this is more or less just to get a post out so people not forget me, or something like that.

I think I promised you a medium format snap of the cathedral in Trondheim a few days ago. This is from the front, it seems. How does it become a fact that when you eventually haul out that big camera someone just pop up in front of you and decide to live there for a good amount of time? 
Well, after a while I managed to get a few undisturbed ones as well... 
Turns out I like this one a bit better after all :))

I had a few new cameras popping into my mail box the last couple of weeks. I will tell you all about them soon, when I got some results from them. Have loaded up a couple of them now, and are doing tests the fast and not very scientific way, as I do.
That reminds me that I saw one of the cameras out there in the snow a few hours ago. I should probably take it inside and give it a good dry-out I suppose. Hey, we are talking about a good old Canon AF35M here! The first real autofocus Point and Shoot thing that seemed to work as it should. And yes, it was still very wet! I hope it still works tomorrow.

Can't help it! I kind of like this snap I did a while ago while waiting for my wife in a parking area downtown. This is as seen through a german Summicron lens, forever etched onto some Ilford FP4 film. Oh, and the camera was a german one as well.

Did I tell you that I got a small bunch of film shipped over from a guy that cleared out the remains of his darkroom as well? OK, maybe I did... but I just have to say that there was a couple of great finds inside that box. Even a few rolls of the good old type of Tri-X as well :) Good for me as I really liked the old one. Kodak keep on telling me that the new one is more or less the same thing. Well, I'm not to sure they're telling me all to be honest. At least it's different, no matter what they claim. It's a long, long time since I snapped the old thing now, so I'm really looking forward to try it again. And I also hope to find out why I liked the old one better. I might never find out, but that's a different story. At least I got a few films to try.
See you around you great people out there!

We had some shitty weather over here as well. Snow and all. This was taken from outside the cabin by the sea a few old days ago. It has not got much better lately, of course. Winter is on it's way, obviously!

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