tirsdag 10. november 2015

First we went out walking...

...then went on to see the dentist, of all things!
But first we went out walking. And a nice day it was for sure, as this was a bit earlier than now. Right now you would need swimwear to stay alive. Scuba style!

A brand new pair of walking shoes and all... couldn't be any better on such a nice day. 

We walked around this pond... which you can't even see because of all the trees and stuff these days. They were not there when I grew up. Well, there was a few trees or branches, but nothing like this. Now you can't see anything beyond a few yards in front of yourself on the small track.

Over this tiny bridge, and towards the light in there... Luckily it's impossible to get lost here, as the track is just going round and round this small pond... a couple of miles or so.

Anyway, as I told you... nothing to see around here but trees, and leafs, and branches and bushes. 

Well... it's just the same thing, as you should know by now. I'll just be repeating myself if I post any more of this!

Then we went to the dentist. The dentist is the patients sister, and the other way around. The patient is not to patient about dentists, so that's most likely why she persuaded her sister to become a dentist back in the days. 
The dentist is not to patient about her patient either... in this case anyway.

Oh yes... there's quite a bit of dust here! It's on the negative, not around the dentists office, mind you. That was spotless... just like the dentist herself.

I went there just to see from the outside of my inner self how the dentist do her work. Usually I'm in the chair, and kind of got no overview at all. Not in this chair, by the way, as I prefer to go to a different dentist. 

See? Spotless! Told you...

This day was an unusual great day at the dentist... for me anyway. Luckily I went there with a fine Nikon FM2 with a beautiful 50mm f/1.4 lens. Old as the hills that lens, and cost me more or less nothing. It's a great piece of glass no matter, and will probably suit me fine for the next few decades up to the point where others hopefully need it more than I do.

How come they need syringes this size, you think? Probably it's the special edition style, meant to scare sisters off...

Then we went home. 
I did the driving...

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  1. What a great set of snaps, particularly the dentist ones. Great lens there by the look of things - a classic all right. Keep it up my man!

    1. Thanks again Michael... you're obviously too kind :))
      I got a great number of snaps from the dentist visit, and might post some more another day :) I love that lens and try to use it whenever I go for a normal view at things. I got a bunch of 50mm's but this one is the best I own. I don't care too much for the light weight modern stuff to be honest, but that hardly comes as any big surprise I guess...?!
      Have a great weekend mate :))


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