søndag 2. april 2017

The Wall. The one I talked about, you know

They're from a while back, these snaps. I went to town with one of the Mamiya RZ cameras tucked inside the back of the car just looking for a nice opportunity to take it out and snap a few masterpieces, as you clearly see by looking at the ones below. 
That was before the cops came along, of course. Asked me a bunch of weird questions and things like that. Questions I felt I could not answer unless totally giving away what kind of weirdo I really am.
So I went away, found better things to do at a place not known to anyone at all more or less.

I'm not known to give up though, and will return one day to finish the job. Need a bit of sunlight coming in from the right angle obviously, so might have to wait a bit more to get the chance.

The Wall. Mamiya RZ67, 110 mm Sekor lens on some film. Don't remember which color on the box right now. I might get a few nice ones out of this place with a bit of luck, but that will have to be another day.

The Walls. Mamiya RZ67, 50 mm Sekor lens and same unknown film as above. 

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  1. Nice light and lines on these Roy - I like them a lot.

    1. Thanks a lot, mate.
      And really great to see you around this place again, I must say :))


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