lørdag 22. april 2017

It's ice cold over here right now!

Lerwick, Shetland.
Alongside Greenhead Base and everything is well, it seems. We came here a couple of days ago, but we've been busy enough trying to get a few bits and pieces up and running again. There's a million systems on this rather big lump of steel as you might understand, meaning there's always something not quite as good as it should be. I guess that's why there's four of each and every pump or thing on board. If something breaks, we just start it's twin component and everything is running as intended as by magic. Some day you just have to start doing something with them broken units, of course. I think yesterday and today has been those days. 
I'm a bit fed up on the subjects welding, grinding and hydraulic oil after todays session I must admit. Let's hope I'm looking at things from a bit more positive side for tomorrow. 

I was in town one evening. Waiting for the wife to finish work to drive her back home. It was raining, and I thought I could just as well try to get one or two snaps of light on rain drops. It was a good night for that kind of exersise. I got a vague feeling these were done on one of the rangefinders, but I'm not 100% sure.

I've even been walking about on the quayside to take a few snaps. Just had to get out to get some fresh air when the working day was done today. The light was dull though, hence probably the photos will be just that as well. There might be one or two, so we will have to wait and see as usual. 
The daily pick had to be from the workshop today. Bits and pieces and stuff... overloaded work bench and all that crap, you know. It looks like somebody threw in a medium sized bomb, shut the door and ran off. Looks like we got some cleaning up to do before we get home. 
Not many days left now, by the way. I got tickets for Wednesday, and really looking forward to get home. I just hope the weather will turn a wee bit warmer soon, because this is more or less like mid winter. It even snowed a few times both today and yesterday. We don't want snow now, just saying. We want spring, and then we want summer. And we want a nice one, because we deserve it :))

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  1. Great shots Roy - really superb.

    Yeh - cold as winter here in Ireland too. There's a wind that just makes being outside very, very miserable - and as you say, we deserve better!

  2. Thanks, Michael my friend :))
    Seems like it's getting better every day now, the temperature. Yesterday was obviously our great day of spring as the birch really, really made a big move towards that leafy part of the year. Everything happened yesterday, probably because the coldness lately and the sudden heat the last couple of days. According to the forecast there's more snow coming in, but not until some time in the middle of next week. I guess they must be completely wrong about it...


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