torsdag 13. april 2017

365, the last ones from film #01

The last five snaps from the first film of the 365@50 project. 
All sorts of stuff, as you see... but that's the way it gets when you're just trying to document your movements in some sort of way. Nothing much interesting is going to happen. At least not for now.

#031: He was sick, this little lad, and the mother had urgent business at school at the same time. Luckily there's such things as a grandpa still at home, a couple of nice cameras to investigate, some youghurt and bananas and on top of everything a noisy old Landy to take a ride in as things got boring and no good at all. It was a nice day for the both of us, after all.

#032: Packing day. There will always be parts of this day getting the same routine done. Out to shop a few things to bring with me in the bag is one of them. Tooth paste, a couple of books or whatever I might need. I snapped this just before I took off to get things done.

#033: A long day inside the couch taking us from Aberdeen Airport all the way up to the outlet of Cromarty Firth. We stopped around here, in Elgin I think. Went into the shop so I could buy myself some medicines to try get rid of the cold the little lad obviously had transfered to me as by magic a couple of days earlier.

#034: From outside the cabin looking towards the huge buildings across the enourmous space between themselves and the ship. I's a good ten minutes walk up there, believe it or not. These buildings are really big! 

#035: Another one from just outside the cabin looking over to the outlet of Cromarty Firth on the northern side of the area. I took a walk over there the next day, or something. You'll see a snap from that event as well if you keep on watching this space...

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