onsdag 19. april 2017

Quick Report from where decisions lives shortly

Just a quick one from out at sea.
Looks like we're getting closer to the end of this job now as we're just sitting on top of a valve (some sort of christmas tree) to check that the applied pressure is not going to sink during the next 24 hrs. Or, we are actually 12 hours into the check already. 
Ever been watching paint drying? OK. This is exactly the same thing. One camera, one ROV and one manometer showing a steady reading, as it should. I mean, how many hours would you actually need to make sure your car tyres didn't leak? And would you ever dare taking them out on the road again after making sure that everything was OK? They could start leaking just 20 meters down the drive for all you know. 
Nah... let's disconnect the whole thing and get ashore. That's my view of it anyway.
Seems that the client is of a bit different meaning, and it's his money after all...

Another one from the Cromarty Firth and the walk on any other Sunday during the cold period a couple of months ago. Nikon with 105mm lens attached.

There's people with influence on board at the moment. Which obviously gives me a lot of headache. A few days ago I was told we're going to Peterhead after this job is done, so I ordered some diesel just to make sure we can make it through the next little job we're due on. 
Then they suddenly decided that Lerwick on Shetland was a much better option, so I had to cancel my order of 400 000 litres in Peterhead and make a new order of the same amount in Lerwick. Then they didn't know where to go at all... so I had to cancel the order of 400 000 litres in Lerwick, and a few minutes later they suddenly decided that Lerwick sounds great after all...

So, I gave up the whole thing and decided to just wait and see where I will wake up whenever they decide to sail in. 
Looks like we're staying in for a few days anyway so there will probably be time enough to get it all on board when we get there... wherever that would be. 
I must be a bit stupid, as I should know these guys well enough to not jump on the first thing I hear them saying while their goal sill is days ahead... 

Same place, same walk. A proper mainland fence with additional barbed wire on top and everything. I couldn't see any obvious reason for it though, as all you had to do was to go around it if you pleased.

The road. The steep one. Nigg, Scotland. Late January 2017.

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  1. 400,000 litres, eh? I reckon that would keep my car on the road for a few days. Actually I just did a rough calculation - approximately 333 years. The big question is, will there still be HP5+ available then?

  2. I guess the 400 000 litres would last a bit less in the Landy, but I would think I could get a few miles out of them anyway, after all.
    As for the HP5+ I guess, by taking the speed of what's happening with film coming from that company over the years into concideration, they would have invented the HP5++ by then :)


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