mandag 3. april 2017

A trio from the 365 project.

 Another trio, and we're getting a bit closer to the end of roll #01 of about 10 or something like that. I can ease your mind a bit telling you that I'm still on track with the project, and are starting to really get into the habit of one snap a day on the Nikon F3 I now seem to get a bit more attached to as the days and weeks go by. Still working like a dream it does, if you manage to look away from a misfire I had a while ago where the mirror locked up in open position for some reason. Something you just have to take into account may very well happen through a project like this one. Nothing is possible without some sort of glitch, you know. 
I'll be back with more some day soon.
Or, you just have to tell me when to stop posting these things!

#025: It's just another one of them views out the fjord on one dark and rather drench day in January. The somewhat light spot up there is only to give you hope. Never turns into any better weather or anything, mind you.

#026: I went to town this day, obviously. Don't remember now what I did there, but I seem to have walked across this bridge (the one you can't see, of course) and over to the other side of the narrow channel separating the center of this town. The wife works just over there, so I probably went by to grab a cup of coffe or something. At least I stopped to snap the daily one, halfways over the small bridge.

#027: Center of town, second day in a row. Must be some kind of record looking back at the last year or so. Anyway, I seem to really manage to over expose this one for some reason. In addition I think the composition really shouts out that the snap was done in some kind of hurry without connecting the brain before the shutter were released. Still, according to the rules you just have to take it for what it is. Boring, I know!

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  1. No, not boring...different to what the rest of us sees everyday. That's the beauty of blogland - different stuff and all that :)

    Keep it comin'


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