onsdag 12. april 2017

And off we go, way to early to my taste

We just went to sea again. I did not manage to get them leg stretched this time on-shore, so let's just really hope I'll get that done next time. Far too busy doing all the things that has to be done in no time at all. Last thing I heared was a rumor that we were going to stay in Peterhead for 48 hrs. Well... we hardly stayed for 24, and at least twelve of those hours were in the middle of the night. Needless to say we got a bit busy through this day, I guess.

From my last trip to Ona, just before I went to work again. Had some weather and wind coming in during a few days, but it was not from the "right" direction. A bit more from north would have given a lot more waves. Still there was a few with some nice effects from water taken with the wind. I used one of them old Mamiya RZ67 cameras most of the time, and for this one as well. Went through a few different types of film, so no idea what this one was snapped on.

Anyway, we're on our way to sea, and there are waves. Not too bad yet, but then again we have hardly left the harbor, It's going to get worse through the night I think, but the forecast say it's going to ease off soon, so just let's hope they got it right this time. Some times they do, and some times not at all. 

From a while back this one, but also from Ona. A plant thing has seen the best of days for the year and is slowly fading away just to pop up with new strength as soon as winter is over. That would be around this time of year, I suppose. I'll try to find it next time I'm out there... This got to be a Rolleiflex snap by the look of things. I mean it's a square negative, and clearly enough it's not snapped with the DianaF plastic lens...

I just pulled myself together and payed the membership fee to the local photo club! How's that for a change of status, you think? Some say they even got a darkroom, but no one can tell me what it looks like, or what's in there. Only one way to find out, I guess. There's probably dust to be cleaned, by the rumors having leaked this way. At least I hope there's something in there to get started with, and maybe I'll even get one or two others to join in from time to time. You never know, actually, but there might be people in such a club with interest in that sort of thing. We'll find out some day. 
If it's the sort of place where everyone is sitting with their faces glued to a screen at all times I might find better things to do, but I will definitely give it a try. At least there will be guidance to get when it comes to composition and stuff like that. A place to discuss pictures, not only ones and zeros, I hope.

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  1. Well congratulations are in order - that's congratulations to the local photo club in having such a talented new member. Let's hope they are worthy. And a darkroom, perchance? Just be warned, though, Roy - someone I know well (cough) just got himself another unpaid job as Secretary to his not-long-ago joined Photo Club. Keep your head down, mate!

    Love that first snap, by the way - great sky.

  2. Oh, well... I don't really know if they ever even will try to lift one eyebrow when they finds out I'm only into this old stuff. By the looks of things it seems to be a club without too many of that sort walking around. Anyway, let's give it a go :)
    So, you managed to run straight into the fallpit of board membership and everything? Well, luckily no club in the world would like to have a sailor being away for weeks in a row holding any position at all. That's my guess anyway... and strong hope!
    I'll let you know how everything turns out :)


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