tirsdag 1. september 2015


Just a snap I snapped a few years back sitting in the airplane soon to start converting fuel to noise and get me home to where I live. I was just off the boat, and had arrived Bergen airport.

I just learned a new english word... from one of my Orkney friends, a great artist doing photography work on the isles, Ingrid Budge. She is working on a new exhibition these days, and is obviously getting disturbed as she goes along. Procrastination... is the word, and made me just think about all the things that throws you off line these days. Most of the time it's something computer related that make me take any sort of detour. When working it's usually e-mails that will disturb me, in my time off I try to do this or that, but I constantly find myself down some other track. Either it's facebook or something else that drags me away from what I really intended to do.

I really love this one! Obviously from my old Minolta Hi-matic G, at the very end of one of the early films from that camera some time in the mid 70's. It's my mother to the left, yours truly in the middle wearing proper headgear for whatever could happen... and my uncle to the right. My father was probably the photographer in this case.

Then, on the other side, I learn things... or get inspiration from others, or I think of new ways to do old things and it can really make my day every now and then.
Like yesterday after posting a simple old shot on facebook (the above pic) from the mid 70's. Taken with my first camera, the old Minolta Hi-matic G I still got on top of my drawers among a bunch of other photo related stuff. 
You see, my uncle, who's pictured in this very snap, has been doing genealogy for years. Many years that is. He even wrote a 150 or so pages book a couple of years ago, and being an old reporter he sure knows how to get that done. A book with the story of my lineage that is. 
Now he has reached a bit further back from where the book ended, so he has to write a new chapter or two soon. He was, however, happy to finally release the news that he now was sure to be correct. And he did so by throwing in a comment on this very picture, yesterday.

Me and my wife like to drive around the British Isles and have a good proper look at all it's things to see. When you are able to see anything, of course. A bit unlike this day at Anglesay in the northern bits of Wales. We liked it, though...

I have always had a special feel for and wish to go see the western parts of Scotland, and especially Skye and the Outer Hebrides. Turns out that I kind of originated from that bits of the world... or my ancestors did, anyway. They flippin' used to own most of Skye and all of Harris and Lewis actually. Folks, it finally looks like I simply have to have a kilt made for me :)) 
Anyway... that could explain some of my interrest of the area, and also some of the reason why I always feel the way I do when I'm travelling the british isles... and especially the small and remote parts of them. Or it might be just plain coinsidence... who knows.
I would like that kilt, anyway!

Not the usual proper tourist snap from the Brough of Birsay, but I like it anyway. It's playing with my mind, somehow... and that could be good and bad. Orkney, you see!

Then I have some blogs to sweep through. That takes some time as well, but seems to be well worth it. I have been through the entire work of Andrea lately, and have now started or is halfway through actually, Michael's blog. He is doing film as well, and does it the proper way. I really like their work, even though they do things very differently. And very different to what I do, of course. And that's just the way it is. We all got our ways, and all. I really look forward to follow these blogs further, as it gives me a lot. It's not just about looking at a few random pics, but there's these whole stories around them even though not many words are written. And yes, I realize that both of them are located out there at those bits of the world I would really like to stay...! Could also be just coincidence. 

The street's propped up for christmas... Kirkwall, Orkney new year 2014/15.

I actually started this post having something to say, but it all went away as soon as I started the writing. I was probably carried away and distracted from whatever story I had to tell. I guess I have to try again some other day. 
At least you will be glad to hear that the captain has not sent me one single e-mail as long as I've been sitting here writing! 
I need to get a life, but then again this is life good enough while I'm here in this kind of prison way out at sea. I can't get anywhere in four weeks, which means that I just have to do what I like to do when I get some time off. If that means I'm doing some proper procrastination, so be it that way! I still got a week to serve...

Part of Stromness, Orkney mainland. I like this street. It's telling a million stories.

Well, as I've fallen totally off, I'll leave you to it. 
See you around some other time :)

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  1. Great perspective on these shots, Roy. You are getting down low and that makes for interesting snaps - particularly the one of the Brough of Birsay and the last one of Stromness. And you should get your kilt, or even a pair of 'trews' - that would be cool.

    1. Thank you again Michael! You're way too kind, I hope you realize that some day?! Not to sure about that kilt or them pair of trews though, but maybe some day... :))
      I'm a bit busy as I FINALLY managed to get started on that bunch of films this evening. There's that lovely smell of Rodinal around here. I'll post something fresh off the press some day very soon I hope!


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