søndag 30. august 2015


It matters a bit where I am at the moment, just like all of you out there as well. I see different sceneries from my window. At home there's nothing much, to be absolutely honest. Nothing worth making a lot of rumble about anyway, or what do you say? Have a look at this as an example:

Used one of my big, bulky Mamiya RZ cameras for this one. Had to do a short test of a huge 500mm lens I found lurking around in the attics. It's a beast I want to get rid of, to be honest...

When I'm at work the story is a bit different. Sitting in my office, turning around, there's always something different to see. Oh yes, I know... most of the time there's only the sea, but there's also weather, clouds, sunrises and sunsets of the unbelievable kind. Not that my photos can ever make them any justice B&W and all the lot, but you know. Then there's ships, oil rigs, more weather and what have you all. 

Some rig in UK waters, probably around Shetland somewhere. Oh yes, I know there's a cat hair right there, but I could not find the energy to remove it. Don't have a clue about which camera used, but probably some old Nikon of the very manual kind.

Then there's the scenery from the cottage, or sea house, or whatever you like to call it. I like to stay there and watch the light change. Watching big ships or small boats passing by. Just do nothing but relax and breath that good air by the sea. It's healing me for whatever disease I might have inside me. Some times I even feel immortal when I sit down like this. Like nothing can never disturb me, or get me out of the trance... Then the cat want some food, or the kettle boils over and the feeling's gone in a nick of time. Just look at this. It's nice, don't you think?

A beautiful day out on an 8 seconds walk from the front door. German old M camera with a quite wide german 21mm lens attached. Rangefinder and all... decent film and everything.

And then there's this beautiful island I use to go to. Ona, out west of the coastline from where I live. A bit north, and Way Out West. Out where the last bits of Norway being beaten by the North Sea day and night, all year long. Lifetime after lifetime. I love the scenery out here, and I know why. I need open landscapes to feel well. Open and simple, nothing that's in the way all the time.
And I need to be all alone at times, and I need it to be all quiet and calm. And I need the weather to beat my face, and the wind to howl in my ears. I find it all out here, where just a few and twenty souls lives. 

All three above was nicked off on that small island. Mamiya RZ loaded with different films. The two last ones most likely on "matured" Shanghai GP3

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  1. You get to see some beautiful places Mr Karlsvig - and take some rather decent snaps, too! That view 8 seconds from your cottage is really something. Great post, as usual.

    1. Really happy that you sort of like'm Michael :)
      As a matter of fact I don't have to walk all those 8 secs. to get that view... but I did in this case just to get that close to the sea. It's basically the same just 0,5 secs. from the door as well. Or it's the same if you look from the inside and out through the windows as well. You choose! Give me a shout if you pass these waters some day, and you'll see for yourself!


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