onsdag 9. september 2015

On Andrea and Andrea, some photos and things

There's quite a few great pinhole photographers walking around making art as they are on the move. Andrea Taurisano is one of them. I really like the way his photos are presented, and the way his way of expressing himself somehow makes me want to run out and do similar stuff. Not that I'll ever be able to, but the wish and the desire is certainly there. 
I actually bought a tiny small piece of photo kit from this guy not to long ago. Had a short discussion with him on facebook and all. He more or less gave the thing away if you compare the price to anything sold anywhere else. You know, as soon something got Leica stamped on it, it seems to be worth an arm and a leg. This man gave me the stuff for just a few pounds, shilling and pence.
He's from Italy, living in Norway, and his daily work is very different from being a photographer. Nevertheless he is doing both jobs brilliantly as far as I can see.

He has just set up a nice little gallery in the town where I was born. Trondheim, Norway. There you can borrow any camera he might have at hand, play with odd film, have a good look at, or better actually buy, some of his photos. You may even hire the entire gallery for a week or three for a small sum of money. I call it generousity.

I got this small Voigtländer Vito B (first version with f/3.5 Color Skopar lens) from the mid 50's handed down from my father a while ago. Not that I think he wanted me to have it, but let's say I borrowed it on long term conditions. Anyway, all is fine with the camera up to a point where you reach an invisible limit on the shuttertimes. Suddenly it will only open, and not shut until you physically adjust the shuttertimes to a faster setting. Then that lovely little leaf shutter closes as nothing has ever happened. It's cool to play with anyway though, and can more or less accidentally give a few nice ones at times. As this one, of my daughter.

I have been a bit busy the last few days. Work and such, you see. Soon completed my handover for my back to back, who will be here friday if everything goes my way. Which it does, I truly hope.
Then I'm home before you are able to spell "delayed airplanes", and hopefully in the process of developing a few rolls of film and have them scanned soon as. 
Next thing will be to set up some darkroom stuff in the bathroom and have a go at a few negatives I have revisited lately. 
I'll keep you updated as I proceed. 
Projectvise I got a darkroom to build, and quite a lot of other stuff to sort out down there in the basement of the house. New windows to be fitted, a small workshop to be arranged and what have you all. I will definately not be able to get it all done this trip back home, but if I can get something started it will be great anyway. 

Going Home; as seen from inside a small Beechcraft turboprop airplane just leaving Kirkwall airport heading for Norway. Old german M3 camera on some film I once had.

Pit stop. 
Four to five hours waiting is not uncommon in this crowded airport of Bergen, as we head for home. No wonder the second engineer looks a tiny wee bit bored of it all. 

Well, I think I'll just leave you to it for tonight then.
Personally I got a few more posts of Andrea Taurisano's blog to go over and have a further look at. He has done the Trans Siberian Railroad trip a couple of years back, and the snaps are like sent from heaven.
Strange, in fact, that two photographers I am truly fond of got the same name... The other Andrea, over at Boxes and Bellows got something of the same when it comes to ways of expression. I really like them both.

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