torsdag 10. september 2015

Busy day!

The last day before crew change. Always busy, always something coming up, always something you had not been aware of, or that you had been aware of but for some reason have not been able to get done before this day. Or not only this day, but you can't get the job started until the ship has left the field and is on it's way towards some port. Which means you only get the night time to get it done. It's because of the operation out here. It's kind of special stuff, and you can't just start do things on your own that could make the operation go... well, you know... in some direction we don't want it to. So, that means that after one full 12 hrs. shift I will have to start another 12 hrs. shift, before going on another 6 hrs. shift tomorrow morning at 06.00
That sounds great, huh? It's called "crew change day", and it's hell on earth. But then you're on your way back home, so you don't bother to much. 

I'm soon to be found around this area hunting for something to fasten on film or maybe some paper negative for a change. Looking forward to this kind of more wintery light now, I have to say. This was snapped at Godøya, a short drive from my home. A great place for some good snaps at times. Mamiya RZ67

I am more or less new to it... Paper negatives that is. I have made a few through pinhole cameras and such, but never by using a lense. I had one of my Mamiyas loaded with paper a little while ago, but the bugger would not acknowledge the paper as a film loaded, and therefore it was not possible to operate the shutter. I know there is a trick to get it done anyway, but did not have the time or will to find out there and then. Therefore I have to try again. Soon. I got a manual somewhere where the trick is shown, so I'll find out. No problem.

A small rural gravehyard at Harøya, Norway. I sort of like this place for some reason... Mamiya RZ67, 50mm Sekor lens.

What I don't know anything about is if it's possible to enlarge a paper negative as if it was film, or if I'm stuck with contact copies? Any insight on this is highly appreciated in the comments below, or by e-mail or whatever you may prefere. 
I am not the kind of guy who will use a whole lot of different films you see. I got a few I stick to, more or less no matter what. The Ilfords FP4+ and HP5+, Kodak Tri-X and some Shanghai GP3 just because it's cheap as chips and I never knows what comes out the other end. I am also careful with developers. Sticking to cheap and trusty ones called Rodinal or D-76... mainly. OK, I got other stuff hidden as well, but it seems to be well hidden, to put it that way.

You might start to think I'm a church spotter or something like that...? I like this snap of the old
St.Magnus cathedral in Kirkwall, Orkney. Had to hold my RZ67 flat out over my head, seeing nothing in the viewfinder, and just grab the shot. Turned out to be way out of level, of course, but there still is something in it I like. It's about the trees and the light, I think. 

Well... I thought I would try to get an hour or so of sleep before I have to go down in the engine room to start some serious maintenance through the night. Maybe I'll bring a camera or two, because I got a couple of frames left on them. Would be great to finish them off before I leave the ship so I can have something to post for the next few weeks as well :)
Stay tuned friends!

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  1. The church shot is great, Roy. I'd like to see that one printed.

    1. It prints quite well actually Michael :) Did a couple of tests of it a few years ago, but will need to do something better before I put it on display somewhere.


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