onsdag 16. september 2015

Finally some new stuff!

Been busy the last couple of days. Developed 8-10 films yesterday. I have been snapping more than I have had a chance to develop lately. Much because I have been at work for a month of course, but I had a few rolls from some time back as well. 
I also got four rolls of Delta 3200 still due for some developer, but I have not got that far down in the box yet. Don't know what to wash them in, to be honest, but I'll find something... some day. 

"The Right Side of the Road to Sumburgh" frame #1

I started this project last friday. Started and ended it within 40 minutes time, or something like that. 
As I left the ship on crew change day, I suddenly thought that a series called "The Right Side of the Road to Sumburgh" would make a great hit in the blog world! 
So I sat down in the Taxi and made sure I was sitting on the right side of the car, picked up an old M3 with a 35mm lens attached, and snapped away without looking to much in the viewfinder at all. 
OK, they don't look to good, to be honest, but there might be something. It's not to easy sitting in a car running 70 mph. or something, on these roads, to do a half decent snap. It's impossible, to tell you the truth. As you will find out.
Anyway, I have decided you have to see them all if you follow this blog-thing. From frame 1 all the way to the last one! 
I am a nice guy though, so I will spread them well over time just so you don't leave the place before I can say...

"The Right Side of the Road to Sumburgh" frame #2

I was out doing some partly decent photography a couple of days ago. Out on one of the nearby islands to try source out some new things to snap. Had a plan, for once, and sticked to it!! Came home with a couple of rolls of medium format film, but I was not to happy with the exposure of some of the frames. Brought a light meter, and used it as well, but should probably have listened to my inner voice a bit more. I could also have done a bit more work to get used to the light meter, as it is a great tool in some situations. 
I have had a plan for some time to try use the zone system a bit more, at least for medium format film, but have not got myself around to really get started. It will happen, some day, for sure.

"The Right Side of the Road to Sumburgh" frame #3

This post has been about nothing, I suddenly realize. It could be because it's getting late, and I have a life to live tomorrow as well. Hope to have a bit more to say then, and I actually have some kind of plan. It's about buildings. Of a certain type and function... 
See you then, so stay tuned!!

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