fredag 18. september 2015

Away for the weekend

Will be away for a few days! 
A few hours drive northwards to see my parents and such. Will bring a camera, but probably not the pooter, the one with a few of my snaps hidden somewhere deep inside. 

I was visiting this area a few days ago. This guy had balls bigger than I...!
Mamiya RZ67 on Ilford Delta 100 film washed in Rodinal. I got a bunch of Delta 100 lying around in my drawer and need to get rid of some. This was snapped with that wide (or wilde) angle lens of 37mm length. I think that sheep was about 50cm in front of my camera or something. Quite close anyway, and he sounded not very friendly.

Strange things these electronic typewriter stuffs! I once had all my shots hidden into a pre historic relative to the one I'm writing on at the moment. One day they were lurking inside it, the next day not so. Or, maybe they were, but they were no longer reachable to me. Lost all my snaps of the kids from the important years. I say important years, even though all years are important when I speak about my kids. 
I think that was the day I started to dig out a few of my old Nikons from wherever they were hidden at the moment. You know the ones that has to be loaded with physical film to work. 
A few things inside of me truly died that day. The belief in electronic imaging devices was one of them for sure!
Not that this was any cameras fault, but nevertheless. I just don't trust anything electronic anymore. Period. 

Just a few meters away from the sheep I found this. Had changed film before this was snapped though. Some proper chinastuff, Shanghai GP3. Same developer as above. Mamiya with a 50mm wide angle attached.

Same place, same camera, same lens and same film. I'm that sort of simple guy you see.

I'm living on board a ship depending on the stuff as well, and I know how that floats along. No wonder we need at least three of each unit to be able to keep the thing running. There's only one hull though, because that's not computer based. Old steel is a bit more predictable, thank goodness!

A lighthouse on the same island as seen above. Høgstein lighthouse, to be more presise, on Godøya. That's the name of the island...

Well... it's just the view from the same place as above just pointed the big squary camera in the direction towards my home town. It's behind that mountain standing in the middle of in between me and the town... Can't get it all into a single frame you see! 

I got to run! 
I will probably be back if my father's not doing the cooking over the weekend... :)

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  1. Great shots Mr Karlsvig - gettn' down low again I see.

    1. Down low to snap some good old sky you know Michael :)
      Thank you very much for the comments mate!!


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