søndag 6. september 2015

I'm OK now... calm and everything!

After yesterdays rant thrown all around the world I'll try to keep a bit more on the calm side today. It does not help anyone if I behave like some kind of grumpy idiot all the time. Some times maybe, but not all the time.

To throw it all into a completely different direction I'll take some time and tell you about easy floating stuff. I got this boat. Yes, I know I'm a sailor by profession, but I also like to go to sea during my time off. In addition I like to live close to the sea, and to just sit by it and look at it. The sea, that is.

My boat. With a white hull, numerous sticks pointing all possible ways and everything. It's a Colin Archer boat, but it's not even close to as old as it might look. I like her though, and she's got a nice but heavy rig. Gaff rig, that is. Quite easy to operate, but takes some strength at times. 

The sea calms me down and makes me think good thoughts. Give me some good old sea spray, a few good looking clouds with some rain in them, good wind, a camera and some time off, and I'll be there to pick such things up any day. I will also try my very best to make some good use of it all.

En route towards my home town, Ålesund. No sailing this day, obviously... 
It's a good boat both under sail and engine though, 
and she's got plenty of room and loads of charme. 

And when the day is over, the sea spray in your face has come to a hault and the wind has calmed, it's time to get the anchor out or tie up alongside somewhere, sit down outside on deck and talk about it all without shouting. More whispery like. Light up those oil lamps, open a bottle of wine or whatever, and talk to each other for a few hours. Get a few friends on board if anyone care, and if not it's OK anyway. Then later go downstairs and find that fantastic simple but nice bed, open the wooden hatch above my head if the weather is not to bad, and let the tickling of the sea carry me into deep sleep. That's the proper way to end a perfect day, with no thoughts in your head but good and calm ones. 

At the end of a perfect day. A good time had by all on board.

We are again facing winter. In just a few weeks there will be snow on the mountain tops around us, and before we can say "sleet" we'll be having it all the way up to our arm pits if I know it's ways, like I do. Not the best time to take the boat out for some proper sailing, as I would probably freeze to death in no time sharp. That does not sound too good to me, so I'll have her nice and tidily tied up down at the pier. It's actually a pier that's afloat, which will keep the boat from being hammered into pieces during the storms that will come in during the winter. Then, when spring comes, I have to get her lifted out for a proper wash before she's off to sea again. 
I'm looking very much forward to it all, and hope for a much warmer summer next year. That would do me some good, and give me reasons for loads of deep dreams on board. 

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  1. Great photos Mr Roy Karlsvig...really. You have a good eye for composition.

    What is it about the sea? Always changing, challenging...Dangerous? Yes - but captivating nonetheless.

    And great post as always. I am enjoying reading through your blog enormously. I'm nearly up to the present - only 10 days behind now! I'm catching up...

    1. Thank you plenty Michael, for taking the time to read it all. Makes it kind of worth the efforts me thinks :)
      The sea... well, I can only speak for myself, but the thing is that I seem to be in need of it for some reason. Then I don't like to sit down with my back to the corner of a room either, so could be that I need some space around me to feel well? Don't know, but it's important to me no matter the reason.

  2. Look forward to joining you on our little Leisure17 when you sail into the island here :-)

    1. I will certainly let you know when we're heading for your lovely island Andrea! :))


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